Independence Day Songs: Bharat humko jaan se pyaara hai…

Posted Mon, August 15, 2011 12:00am IST

In the lives of a common man, patriotism is a dormant sentiment which is aroused usually when there is an India vs Pakistan cricket match, a terrorist attack or any natural calamity. And every now and then, when we see a film with a patriotic theme, we are reminded of our love for our country. In most cinema halls in Mumbai, the National Anthem is played before the film starts and it is a wonderful sight to see a hall full of people standing at rapt attention. To celebrate our 65th year of independence, we bring you a collection of songs from recent Bollywood movies that made our eyes moist and our chests swell with the pride of being an Indian. Bollywood Life wishes a very Happy Independence Day to all. Jai Hind!

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  • sana khan


  • Tanvir Abbasi

    bollywood has played a great role in creating the patriotism in the hearts of the younger generation,as we were not even born at the time and reading it in books does not bring in the feeling as to what our countrymen had to do in the past to give to what we say as our country In movies some of the actors have bring that feeling infront of us and made us actually feel as to what was happening at the time so thanks to bollywood for it and for our great legends just a thank you is not a word for them …i just can imagine of anything accept for that had it not for their sacrifices we would not even have existed ,we owe them our lives,and have to take country to the position they had dreamed of… JAI HIND

    • Pindi Shiva

      Thank you Sir

      You are Great Indian



  • rahul kumar


  • shiwaji rathod

    nice looking & beatiful smile ,sexy eyes& angry nose beatiful chemistry this face ,good body position on stile ..ramp happy indepandance day

  • pindishiva

    You done a great job.

    happy Independenceday

    Thank You
    PindiShiva(An Indian)