Independence Day Special: Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra should free themselves from…

Ranbir-Katrina: Stardust, Salman-Lulia: DNA

As India enters its 67th year of freedom, we take a look at what is a highly popular and flourishing industry today – cinema – and its creators, many of whom are still entangled in serious issues and looking forward to setting themselves free!

To every Indian, Independence Day is a symbol of national pride. Each of us celebrates freedom with great gusto and pride each year. However, over the years, the meaning of ‘freedom’ has often been misinterpreted. So today, as we begin a new year with the freedom that has been so hard earned, we need to introspect on the actual meaning of the concept. And make sure that we have not only deserved freedom, but can keep it as well.

Our forefathers witnessed history being made more than six decades ago on August 15, 1947 after fighting the British. Today the fight continues, but against the same age old issues – competition, jealousies, one-upmanship, ego, etc. Bollywood stars too face these issues and many cannot break out of their tangles and find the freedom that every individual is entitled to.

As we celebrate 67 years of independence, we take a look at several factors that have bound B-town superstars. We suggest remedial measures to overcome their troubles and help them understand the real sense of freedom. After all, they should celebrate this reality that is independence with the same enthusiasm and pride as we do…

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