INDIAN IDOL 6: Pandit Jasraj is guest judge

Fri, August 3, 2012 5:38pm IST by
INDIAN IDOL 6: Pandit Jasraj is guest judge

The Padma Vibhushan vocalist will test the participants on how well they are able to grasp the nuances of Indian classical music

Indian Idol 6 is taking its music seriously. After roping in Asha Bhosle as a judge for the gala rounds, the show will have Pandit Jasraj judging the classical round. The six remaining contestants will have to showcase their classical music skills today in the gala round, and that too in front of the eminent vocalist tonight (August 3). The Padma Vibhushan awardee is one of the most renowned singers of our country today and has made us proud on an international stage. The contestants will have to be at their best to impress him. And that they do.

We hear that Pandit Jasraj will applaud Vipul Mehta’s rendition of the Joog raag, Ritika Raj’s command of raag Ahir Bhairav and Devendra Pal Singh’s performance of raag Yaaman. He will also encourage Poorvi Koutish after she performs raag Dhanashree. As for the other two contestants, well, we’ll not kill all the suspense for you! We wonder though, if any of them dared to sing raag Malhar, considering the country is facing a drought.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Sanjay

    Everybody,That is the Breaking news for Indian Idol Organisation.All the audiance known Devendra Pal singh is the Winner in this year If he is n”t present in Indian idol stage in any reason but also indian idol winner award will reach at his home automatically not only support from audiance but also support from Judges.Because Ritika singh told to Hussain Proovi is Safe today but I m leaving this Place,Reason Ritika Knows What is the politics is running in Indian idol.Ritika knows if 10 contestant came from Punjab Ritika is n’t reached in top ten.Lot of supporting from judges side for Punjab, Who knows Public not voting to Ritika,Kaushik Despande,Sohoni? How many vote get Punjab Singer & how many vote Get in Another singer,Every Person knows Public is not MAD.They undestand everything.Indian idol winner depend on 4 judges only not public.Because Politics,