‘Indian Idol 6′ will focus on voice, not looks: Sunidhi Chauhan

‘Indian Idol 6′ will focus on voice, not looks: Sunidhi Chauhan

In a bid to discover a complete package – good voice and looks – judges of Indian Idol were missing out on true singing talents. But no more, they say!

Singing reality show Indian Idol enters its sixth season and the three judges – Salim Merchant, Anu Malik and Sunidhi Chauhan – say that this time the focus will be on the power of the voice and not on the looks. “Our priority this time is only good voice. That voice has to have a spark and magic which touches the soul. Yes, Season five was all about complete packaging, but while selecting that we missed out on some great talents. So this time we thought why not concentrate on voice only as looks can happen gradually with grooming,” Sunidhi said.

It is said that over 1.5 lakh participants have registered themselves online for this edition of Indian Idol, which has earlier discovered talents like Abhijeet Sawant, Sandeep Acharya, Prashant Tamang and Sreeram Chandra Mynampati. “It is wrong to say that we always look for a complete package as this edition will be only about good singer. The focus will only be on voice,” said Salim Merchant.

Musician Anu Malik, who has been a judge on the show ever since its debut in 2004, said looks can help contestant only if he or she is blessed with a good voice. “I am not looking for a girl who looks beautiful. If that comes with your voice, it can be an added bonus. But for me voice matters and nothing else,” he added.

So far Tripura girl Sourabhee Debbarma who participated in Season 4 has been the only female who won the Indain Idol title. But that may change. Sunidhi Chauhan said, “So far the number of girls are more than boys and I am happy about it. It’s good to see girls are coming out and showing their true power. Hope to get more female winners.”

The show will be hosted by Hussain Kuwajerwala and Mini Mathur. Though the dates are not finalised yet, but it may replace Comedy Circus.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • indianidolsuxxxx

    WTF!!! all nonsense, these ppl go for anything but singing..there are crew selection held everywhere still ppl singing songs like aashiq bnaya apne get to the jury round, while good singers don’t get selected at all..my friend is an awesome singer and i can bet that he can outdo most of the singers that they select but they hardly listen to singers sing…this show is not a talent hunt show..at least shows like comedy circus make us laugh, but in the name of reality talent hunt shows they are just demoralizing true talent, a NONSENSE show..