Indian Premier League 6 organisers harrowed by Jennifer Lopez’s demands

Indian Premier League 6 organisers harrowed by Jennifer Lopez’s demands

The American pop sensation will not perform in the IPL 6 opening ceremony, courtesy her superfluous demands

After creating much hullabaloo over Jennifer Lopez’s arrival in India for the forthcoming Indian Premier League 6, the Baadshah of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan might just have to see the opening ceremony of the cricket tournament unfold without the Hollywood sensation. Lopez was supposed to perform at the ceremony night on April 2 at Kolkata’s Salt Lake Stadium along with Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra.

SRK’s production company Red Chillies Entertainment was trying everything in its capacity to bring her to Mumbai. And just when this piece of news got us excited, we now hear that Jennifer might not come to India.

We hear that Jennifer for herself axed from the IPL gig to perform when she apparently gave the event organisers a long list of unessential demands. The 43-year-old singing star also insisted on a private plane and dozens of hotel rooms for her huge entourage, including her stylists, assistants and chef, reported Whereas Lopez’s spokesperson said Lopez turned down the deal because she was busy recording an album.

Accordingly, the officials who were looking forward to book her instead signed up rapper Pitbull for Tuesday’s event. Hmm… whatever the truth is, wethinks it’s certainly Jennifer ‘s loss!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • John

    Jlo said the same story when she was fired from American Idol, stating she was to busy to continue with American Idol because of her busy schedule, which is a lie, she was fired from American Idol because of very low TV ratings for season 10 and 11, the worst in American Idol history, and as far her movie and music career since she left Idol, well it been almost a year now and still haven’t seen any new movies or music that she claims to was to busy to continue Idol, as we all know that American Idol was the only gig that kept Jlo career going, and she knows that her career is becoming history due to her insane demands she requested, it only time when her name will be history

  • suppercool

    I think that her stupid boy toy Casper is the blame!!! Cause he told her to leave the idol she’s stupid I think he’s jealous of her cause she icon and I think he told her not to go to India I’m sorry Jenny but u stupid u said u love your fans but it looks like boy toy wants you to fraud!!! Just like your excess you should follow your heart when you have good opportunity to go places you don’t see it but the fraud u love is going to leave you 1 day if I was her I would go cause she always do what’s rite but she listen to her fraud more sorry Jen but it’s the true it want last long!!!