Introducing Nathalia Kaur as local sugar!

The item babe in ‘Dan dan Cheeni’ gives a spicy twist to the sweetening agent

Nathalia Kaur in the ‘Dan dan Cheeni’ song from Department takes kick-starting the party to a whole new level. So all you adventurous party animals out there, here’s a dekho at how you to make that ‘insect of your heart’ behave!

Yes introducing, the videshi jalwa

Yes introducing foreign charisma

In the desi style, the Cheeni… Ha…

In the local style, the Sugar… Yes…

Dan dan dan… (chorus)

Hai tez chale, toh bada tez break maar

If you’re walking fast, then apply breaks fast

Dan dan dan…(chorus)

Ye love ka jalwa, toh dekh seeti mar

If this is charisma of love, then see and whistle

Dan dan dan…(chorus)

Hai dil vil ke keede ko phatka laga

Slap this insect of heart

Thoda thoda thoda jhatka laga

Li’l li’l li’l apply jerks

Start kar zara ye raat kick mar

Start this night li’l with a kick

Dan dan dan… (chorus)