IPL 2013: Sonakshi Sinha turns the tables on Shahrukh Khan!

Posted Thu, May 9, 2013 6:03pm IST

The Dabangg actor, along with Akshay Kumar and Imran Khan, was ignored at the IPL opening match this year, where the spotlight was on SRK and his team Kolkata Knight Riders. At the Mumbai match two days ago, things were different…

The first time Sonakshi Sinha made an appearance in an Indian Premier League (IPL) 2013 match was at Eden Gardens, Kolkata for the opening clash between Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Delhi Daredevils (DD). The actor was there to support DD along with her Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai Again co-stars Akshay Kumar and Imran Khan.

It was rumoured that Shahrukh Khan, who was present at the venue to cheer his team KKR, ensured that the spotlight never turned towards the Once Upon… stars. And so Sona, Immy and Akki missed their spot in the sun, and had to be content with simply sharing their picturess on social networking sites.

But the tables turned on SRK on May 7 when he couldn’t enter the Wankhede stadium for the KKR and Mumbai Indians (MI) match because of the five-year ban on him. Sonakshi meanwhile was happily cheering for her home team and also got her two minutes of fame. Check out the Dabangg babe’s pictures to see how pleased she looked, especially since Mumbai won the game! Now can we see SRK sulking somewhere?

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  • kojak

    what a nonsens!!!!!

  • anahi

    effiung lose the weight woman

  • Raj

    Are bharti (comedy circus) bhi ipl cheer karne aai hai.

  • cindyd

    SO it’s a victory because the opposing player didn’t show?…That’s called a forfeit…She was lucky he wasn’t there…She would have been ignored again…all press turns to SRK when he is in the house:)

  • Mine

    Hehe the words r exact 2 Minutes of Fame thats what she only Deserves 2 Minutes , Crapy Actress useless

  • Sam

    Sona baby, stop stuffing yourself with food. Starting to look like a fat cow

  • anshu tripathi

    ipl so good sonakshi sinha.

  • ashish tanwar

    ipl is the very god time pas

  • Rehan

    This article is pointless and false !!! Firstly Shahrukh Khan did NOT try to keep Akshay, Sonakshi & Imran out of the limelight and secondly Shahrukh wasn’t in the stadium due to the silly ban !

    Sonakshi is beautiful and a great actress too !

  • md sufiyan

    sonakshi awesome

  • Hrehaan

    such a baseless story!! Sonakshi TURNS the tables on SRK??
    sonakshi is nothingcompared to SRK! 2 mins of fame??? she is a 15 mins of arm candy to senior actors, she is not even worth 2 seconds of fame!

    The title should be SONAKSHI got LUCKY because SRK was not there!!!!!

  • Raja

    SR paiKhan is a very venal, insecure, old, goat looking paiKhan and an anti-national. He can go to any extent to put down others. His days are over. Akki is way better than him in looks and number of hits as well. Statistics speak for themselves howevermuch his fans bray like don(key)s. Ranbir is giving him nightmares as this hakla’s domai nof romance is now taken over by him!