IPL 7 opening ceremony: Is Shahrukh Khan the biggest entertainer of Bollywood? Vote!

IPL 7 opening ceremony: Is Shahrukh Khan the biggest entertainer of Bollywood? Vote!

SRK had the audience in splits at the opening ceremony of Indian Premier League 7

Shahrukh Khan surely knows how to entertain his audience and Abu Dhabi was the proof of it. SRK was the biggest star at the opening ceremony of IPL 7, that was held in Dubai today (April 16). He not only set the stage on fire with his ravishing dance act, but also did what the media was unable to do. Though Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have always remained mum about their alleged relationship,King Khan got Mr Kohli to wear a huge portrait of his alleged girlfriend on his neck. We couldn’t help but laugh out loud on that one. That’s not all. SRK also conducted a swayamvar for Virat. That might have upset Anushka a bit though.

The co-owner of Kolkata Knight Riders had the audience in splits with his sense of humour. As the ceremony continued, he invited the Australian cricketer Shane Watson on the stage and got him to play the guitar and sing a song as well.

Clearly, when you have a star like Shahrukh Khan on the stage, you certainly don’t need any Kapoor or Chopra from Bollywood to entertain the masses, hai na? After all, don’t we know, how the recently concluded fourth season of Karan Johar’s popular chat show, Koffee with Karan was thanda without SRK?

Tell us Bollywoodlifers, do you think Shahrukh Khan is the biggest entertainer in Bollywood?

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  • Rose Oku

    salman is……..copy cat…..now he’s wat salman does.oh wait becuz his entertaining factor is dying out so he moves to salman own……….no matter wat SRK IS NOT D BIGGEST ENTERTAINER IN BTOWN we all knw that SALMAN IS N WILL ALWAYS BE THE BIGGEST ENTERTAINER.

    • Dilip

      case of sour grapes!!
      No offense but both have distinctive ways of entertaining people.
      I personally feel wit and sense of humor are unmatchable and unique

      • aisha

        Absolutely true!, although he gets on my nerves sometimes one thing is undeniable, no other person comes alive & entertains quite like he does, be it in movies, interviews, whilst hosting shows & writing articles. He’s energy is infectious, that’s y he has more global appeal than others.

  • krisi

    for me is SRK the best….Salman is not bad..but SRK is more interesting for me :)