IPL 7 Opening Ceremony pictures: Was Deepika Padukone’s performance better than Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra? View pics!

Wed, April 16, 2014 2:00pm IST by
Posted Wed, April 16, 2014 2:00pm IST

The Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani actor sizzled the stage at the opening ceremony of IPL 7, that was held in Abu Dhabi, but was she better than her competitors?

Shahrukh Khan and Virat Kohli are superstars in their own right. If there are two things people in our country are crazy about, then it’s cricket and films. It’s no big surprise that we have the Indian Premiere League that brings together India’s two favourites in a ‘cricketainment’ format.

And this year adding the famous Bollywood touch to the IPL 7 opening ceremony was none other than Bollywood’s hottie Deepika Padukone. She looked splendid and danced like a dream, but did she match up to Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra’s acts on the IPL stage? We let our readers decide that one, but here’s all the dope from Abu Dhabi. World’s best batsmen, Bollywood and big moolah made the IPL7 opening night very very starry. The seventh season of IPL was flagged off in Abu Dhabi today (April 16) with a glittering and entertaining opening ceremony, which saw Ms Padukone‘s sizzling dance. We’re sure with SRK and Dippy coming together we couldn’t miss their hit Yo Yo Honey Singh song from Chennai Express, Lungi dance hai na? Well, looking at the pictures, it certainly seems that Dippy’s mesmerising act was worth a watch.

Also joining the King of romance on stage was the dhak-dhak babe Madhuri Dixit Nene. As if competition from Madhuri wasn’t enough, Ms Padukone’s act is being compared to her competitors from B-town. So, cricketainment fans tell us if you thought that Dippy’s performance was more rocking than the other leggy lasses?

Here’s a look at what happened when Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra took to the stage for IPL in 2012 and 2013 respectively…

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  • jj

    no way katrina is way better than deepika wen it comes to dancing and priyanka goshhhhhhh why is she even in bollywood

    • john

      he he he!!

    • guest

      Right…Priyanka…the national award winner. Why is she even an actor? That just escapes me. Unbelievable.

    • subiksha

      deepika padukone is the best and priyanka is better than that katrina who doesn’t what acting is lke………..

  • paarineeti

    Deepika .. u r d best … i luv u …

  • Dia

    Can’t rate them as we haven’t seen the latest Deeps’ performance.

  • priya

    deepika is the best!! love you!

  • meghana

    i think last year even deepika performed!

  • nana

    Deepika’s ipl 6 performance was horrible when compared to Kat’s

  • Iman Ali

    what are u saying . Katrina’s personality, dance, actions, figure is far more better than deepka. Go ahead katrina, u r rocking forever,ur name is rocking, ur personality is rocking ,rock ever.lov u kat ever

    • Diya

      LOL, You switched the names mistakenly, I have never seen a person who can talk as much rubbish as you do. Deepika comes out on top among the three ladies. Katrinas personality??? She has one foot in west and another in east. Confused between two cultures and identity. Cant speak hindi properly, Cant act too. She got a career mainly due to Salman Khan besides her looks, her earlier movies were dubber by someone else. And She dances like a fighter bull jumping on the field. And Deepika’s body is wayyyyyyyyyyy far better or perhaps the sexiest in bollywood. Perfect tall lean and well toned. Deepika is the best, she has taken over the no 1 spot in bollywood and as well endorsments, all other bollywood ladies loosing their brands to Deepika. She is just Perfect.

      • Rokayia

        Ha ha good one , Katrina dances like a fighter bull on a field !

      • nidhi

        what a perfect reply diya..love u dippy go dips go.. you are my idol dippy..

  • Arpit

    Best was Priyanka< then deepika and then katrina.

  • najatlovekiss

    i really dont get this, deepiake can not dance, for me PC and Katrina are best stage dances in Bollywood, sorry but this is the real true, am not a hater or crazy to lie about something i know is not true, deepiake have a long way to go,

    • myright23 .

      Dude i just love u for this comments absolutely RIGHT.

  • sarah

    Oh please
    Deepika dances like a diva
    She has an awesome sense for selecting songs coz all the songs are soo damn catchy and the costumes!……they make me stare at her continuously for hours like a fool!
    And seriously -_- still think priyanka and Katrina are better than her???(grow up dude!)

    • rish

      i think u r talking abt katrina…

      • subiksha

        well i think u need glasses rish………

        • priya

          i think u seriously need one…

  • unknown

    deepika is best! love you!

  • guest

    I’m sorry. Though I like all three of these actresses for different reasons, I cannot say that any of them are dancers then proceed to rank them accordingly. I grew up watching Madhuri Dixit and SHE was a dancer. However, I can say that Priyanka, Deepika and Katrina are all performers. I have my opinion on who I think is best performer; however, I wont divulge that because that will just take away from the point I’m trying to make.

  • raniya

    deepika is beyond awesome !!!!! she blew katrina and priyanka out like a candle !!!!

  • Rokayia

    Deepika is the top actress in bollywood today & it’s a joke to compare her with Katrina!
    Katrina used Salman , had an affair with him & than dumped him after setting her foot in this industry ! Katrina is a pretty face with wooden expressions but an insult to the word ‘acting’! So guys stop comparing her to the ever so graceful , beautiful with tremendous talant Deepika Padakone :D

  • Rokayia

    Deepika with back to back hits is the official top reining queen of bollywood at this time ! Priyanka also is very talented & can act & now with Kangana proving her self with Queen , Katrina might as well get married to Ranbir as her career will soon be blown AWAY !

  • Rokayia

    In all the latest KWK episodes Katrina has ranked lowest in terms of acting talent by all her fellow co stars !

  • Sheara

    Omg obviously katrina kaif ….she rejected films like happy new year , kochadaiyaan , yeh jawaani hai deewani , chennai express and ramleela which deepika then took but still katrina is the best !!!!!! BESTESTTTTTTT!!!! Katrina didnt use salman if she did salman wouldnt be her friend atleast he is mature enough to understand that and he wouldnt do a film with katrina after breakup ….katrina will prove everyone wrong now that she is bad at acting after phantom and bang bang release #salutekatrinakaif #best

    • myright23 .

      Hope so she proves coz the girl got talent

    • subiksha

      shut ur big abber mouth deepika is way better than katrina ……

  • Jeannie

    Katrina looks like she can’t smile properly because she has too much botox/filler.

  • subiksha

    DEEPIKA PADUKONE is the best !!!! she sets the stage on fire………..KATRINA dances like fish out of water………

  • aisha

    I prefer Pc as an overall entertainer compared to all but when it comes to dancing without any basis katrina takes the cake, she’s better than the rest . Dp is not bad either, but truth be told she is hyped. “Dp is a media darling”.

  • aisha

    No “bias”katrina is the best dancer.