IPL party girl Rozlyn Khan’s ‘butt showing’ video is out!

As if the tacky pictures of her butt-show were not enough, the desperate damsel has now come out with a video featuring her nonsensical blabber and her infamous behind!

With the IPL logo tattooed on her booty, the model-turned-IPL party gal Rozlyn Khan is a step ahead of Poonam Pandey. While Poonam shied away from her plans of going nude, this bootylicious babe went on to slide down her skirt below the permissible limit and showed off her posterior! We found the Khan babe’s look-at-my-butt stunt absolutely cheesy and tasteless. And as if that act wasn’t sufficient, we spotted Rozlyn expressing her secret desires ranging from bowling Vidya Balan over to dating Sachin Tendulkar in a recent video!

With a set of deadly intentions on her mind and mucky words on her lips, Rozlyn is all set to stir up controversies. Will she succeed in grabbing the much needed attention? We have our legitimate doubts!

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