Irada movie review: This Naseeruddin Shah, Arshad Warsi starrer is a lazy attempt to make a hardhitting film

I’ve grown up watching Crime Patrol and although a lot of new shows with the same concept have popped up in the recent times, the Sony show remains a classic. Watching Aparnaa Singh’s Irada took me back to those days. It’s a classic case of corruption put to an end as a man seeks vengeance from the authorities while he finds an aid in the process. The film stars Naseeruddin Shah, Arshad Warsi, Sagarika Ghatge, Divya Dutta and Sharad Kelkar in pivotal roles. The storytelling is very crisp, to the point and hard hitting. The first half of the movie was engaging with no room for beating behind the bush. All the truth unfolds in the first half itself, however, the second half focuses on how to bring this to the eyes of the common public.

What’s it about

The trailer speaks volumes of what the film is about. We have this retired army man who wishes to avenge the death of his daughter from the authorities responsible. Oh no, nobody is directly responsible for the death. The water and soil of Punjab is just as polluted and corrupted as the people. Sharad Kelkar (Paddy Sharma), a philanthropist runs a medical foundation that caters to spreading various kinds of medical awareness and blood donation camps. Basically he’s a messiah for the people. But in reality, he’s a bigtime fraud who has been making money out of the suffering of others. His PPFPL foundation has a chemical plant that follows reverse boring method to dispose of chemical waste. In other words, his company has hazardous repercussions in the ecology of the vicinity as well as is a prime reason for rapid growth in cancer among the residents. Divya Dutta plays an ally to Kelkar’s business, basically the corrupt government official. Naseeruddin Shah (Parabjeet Walia), Arshad Warsi (Arjun Mishra), Sagarika Ghatge’s (Maya Singh) lives are connected to this very foundation as they seek vengeance and to bring the dirty business of Kelkar’s out in the open.

What’s hot

The movie’s powerful star cast ceases to bore the audience. The scenes are crisp, the acting is phenomenal, the visuals are real. Its nice to see how Warsi’s character balances out the serious cop persona as well as a jovial individual. Kind of like Nawazuddin Siddiqui in Raees. Naseeruddin’s vigilante army man character will be your favourite pick from the film. Even Divya Dutta’s corrupt politico rendition is apt. Basically, performance wise we’d give it full marks! But that’s about it. Also read – Arshad Warsi: I was jobless for three years, did odd jobs

What’s not 

The film is clearly a leaf taken out of a Crime Patrol episode. It will remind you of the Bhopal Gas tragedy but you won’t be able to sympathise with anyone. Despite such a strong star cast, the film’s script seems like a lazy work. There is absolutely no suspense or intrigue element in the film. After having watched several crime shows myself, I would say that it’s a film you can’t enjoy, unless you keep your hopes low. There’s no attempt to make the script look new and interesting. I would say the same about the direction as well. The flow that one usually expects in a film is something you wouldn’t find here. The first half is crisp but without a proper flow. In fact, the scenes have been put together just so they’re able to introduce the characters and explain their background. The plot is so convenient that you’ll guess the story within the first half an hour. Its surprising that such fine actors chose to be a part of this film which lacks originality in all forms!

I wouldn’t recommend the movie to anyone who expects suspense, intrigue factor or even interesting plotline. The songs are unnecessary and the dialogues are way too dramatic!

Rating: 2 out of 52 Star Rating

Reviewed by Aarti Iyengar

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** Average

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