Irrfan Khan refuses to promote Haider!

The Xpose actor said he has just made a guest appearance in the film

Irrfan Khan has made it clear to Vishal Bhardwaj that his name, face and presence must not be used to promote Haider. We will therefore not get to see Irrfan in any publicity of the film. Says a friend of the actor, “It’s a policy decision. Irrfan will do guest appearances only on condition that his name and face are not used for any publicity. Vishal respects Irrfan’s sentiments and his name will be kept completely out of the publicity.”

Irrfan is specially particular on the issue as he had an unpleasant experience with the makers of the thriller Xpose recently. Says Irrfan’s friend, “He did a guest appearance in Xpose. The makers had promised to keep his name and face out of the publicity. Irrfan was shocked to see that he was featured prominently in the posters and trailers.” Says Irrfan, “I have a guest appearance in Haider. I did it because I love Vishal’s work. And I wanted to be part of another Shakespearean adaptation by Vishal after Maqbool.”