Posted Fri, May 11, 2012 9:45am IST

The actor seems to have a role with substance, but we don’t know about its length yet

When Irrfan (he has dropped Khan) signed The Amazing Spiderman, cynics tut-tutted and fans grinned. After Mission Impossible 4 released, it was the turn of the cynics to grin and for fans to groan. The minuscule role handed to Anil Kapoor disheartened many and they lost faith in Irrfan’s choice too. Even director Marc Webb’s assurances that he specifically selected Irrfan for the role after watching him on the psychological thriller In Treatment wasn’t enough to assuage our doubts. But we’ve now heard that there may be enough reason for Irrfan fans to get excited about The Amazing Spiderman after all. An official statement has confirmed that Irrfan plays an important character.

Irrfan is Dr Ratha, who works closely with Dr Curt Connors at Oscorp. Spidey fans will surely know Oscorp as the company that gives birth to several of Spidey’s mutated foes. Dr Connors is no exception. An experiment gone wrong turns him into The Lizard. So does Dr Ratha have a hand in that? Or will he be an innocent bystander sacrificed for the greater cause (of good or evil)? From the movie stills floating on various websites it sure seems as if Irrfan has a substantial role, but we are yet to receive any kind of confirmation on the screen time his character will get.

Anyway, everyone knows that Irrfan is a powerhouse performer who can bring a lot of value to any film he does. He doesn’t need validation from Hollywood. If they don’t give him much to do, it’s their loss. Isn’t it?