Is Aamir Khan a social crusader or a bully?

With his popular reality show Satyamev Jayate, Khan earned the tag of a social activist. But in real life it seems Aamir isn’t really a social crusader but a bully. Read on to know why we say so

When you talk about Aamir Khan, the first thing that comes to our mind is – he is a great actor but more importantly a good human being who every Sunday makes sure to leave us teary eyed with his show Satyamev Jayate 2. But that’s the Aamir we see on the big screen. Off screen Mr Perfectionist isn’t that perfect morally or ethically. We say so coz according to a report in a leading daily, Khan is pressurising the residents of his neighbourhood area to sell their flats to him so that he can build a swanky new bungalow. Shocked? Even we were. Apparently, a mother-daughter duo has even complained to the deputy registrar of co-operative societies claiming that the managing committee of their housing society is misguiding the residents in the name redevelopment scheme. Reportedly, the committee is forcing them to sell 60 percent of the land to the Dhoom:3 baddie. Well, AK is indeed the baddie in this case, hai na?

Lagta hai P.K. actor ko kissi ki fikar nahi hai forget about desh ki fikar. We still can’t digest the fact that Aamir would turn a social bully. But as the old adage goes ‘every coin has two sides’ wethinks so do humans. However, never thought Mr Aamir Khan would be the one practically proving this phrase.