Is Aamir Khan giving himself too much importance?

From what we hear, Mr Perfectionist Khan is getting rather too big for his fancy boots. True? We try and figure it out

A couple of weeks ago we heard that Aamir Khan was doing his best to delay the shoot of Dhoom:3, keeping the director Vijay Acharya, producer Aditya Chopra of Yash Raj Films and stars Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra waiting. The perfectionist actor kept changing his dates, citing a need for rest, family matters, promotions for Talaash, ill health and much more for pushing the shoot back. While there was no solid confirmation on this, a birdie flying by told us that this could not possibly be true, because both Chopra and the Imax Corporation, which will co-produce the film, would not take this kind of arbitrary dilly-dallying lightly. For now, all we know for sure about the entire project is from a few sneaked-out photographs and a digital poster that was officially released a while ago.

But this is not all that Aamir is being held culpable for. We are told by Zoom, the TV channel, that there is a rather more dramatic story brewing in the world of television advertising, with Khan at the centre of the storm. The star-actor is reportedly charging a fabulous Rs 88 crore for his endorsement of eight products for a well-known company. We have seen some of these ads on telly, but only a few of them actually star the Satyamev Jayate host. The brand is apparently not happy with the Khan, since he has not been part of any of the publicity or promotions that have been planned, and has been fairly determined to do it his way as far as the actual commercials are concerned. As a result, each ad that features him is more about Aamir than about the product – which would be fine if the overall numbers of people becoming interested in the brand or buying it had increased….which is not the case. To make the entire drama more masaledaar Aamir, our feathered friend tells us, believes that acting out a scenario for the company does not mean he has to be part of any promotional activities for it.

So what happens next in this fun and game-playing? We hear that the brand is seriously contemplating dropping the actor from their campaign when contract renewal time comes up. And then which Sonia, Monia or Tonya will care…we wonder!