Is Aamir Khan impressed with Priyanka Chopra?

Is Aamir Khan impressed with Priyanka Chopra?

After Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan, the Dhoom:3 actor too seems to have loved PeeCee’s first single, In my city

Salman Khan tweeted some time ago saying that Priyanka Chopra‘s first single In my city was fabulous. “Omg! Jst heard priyanka chopra’s english track 3 times bak to bak, called in my city. Its fab, outstanding! SALAAM miss chopra.”

Shahrukh Khan too made a statement that he thought PeeCee had the potential to become the first crossover star from India. “Priyanka has the capacity and talent to become the first crossover star from India, our first creative export. She has a super team backing her and she is truly an international brand and will make India very proud,” he said.

Now it seems that B-town’s third Khan, Aamir – who is shooting in Chicago for Dhoom:3 currently – is also mighty impressed with Priyanka. A source from the sets of Dhoom:3 said, “Aamir Khan saw the song playing regularly during the National Football League playoffs. He was surprised at the magnitude of the launch. He called the song ‘awesome’.” Aamir was also overheard telling those present on the sets that the song sounded international.

Looks like Priyanka has floored the three Khans with her song and we are sure she is quite flattered with all the praise. None of the heroines have been vocal about PeeCee’s achievement though…we wonder why?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • zaid


    • sonu seth

      P.c alwz rocks..she is bst actress of blywud….i appreciate her

      • preeti

        i like peecee very much i like her in barfee and in my city
        you rockkkkkkkkkkkkkk

        • neelu

          i like you very much pc piggychops priyanka in barfee in my city in fashion movie your attitude makes you different

  • neha

    ofcurse jealously. other actresses r jealous of her

  • stranger

    they r jealous.
    But.. Pritey Zinta.. Shabana Azmi.. Dia Mirza.. Lara Dutta.. They al praised the song.

  • Ralph

    WTF? WHy would they praise her? THe song sounds like a cat’s scratch, and her English diction/accent is sooo bad, and fobby. Its HILLARIOUS

    • ash

      can i ask u please….can u tell us how do ur english diction and accent are? and how good is ur voice?… oh am sorry now i remember u are the goodiest,biggest and d father of english language….sorry miss english diction/accent

  • neelum

    Lol they rock cool

  • A

    She’s actually pretty good. Has a nice voice. Didnt like the song much though but talk about being Multi talented.

  • Sunshine

    You are a true versatile actor and your voice charm is adding more to ur fame…loved ur performance in barfi and ur in my city is fab Way to go Pc