Is Aamir Khan really the least paid actor in Bollywood?

Is Aamir Khan really the least paid actor in Bollywood?

It’s okay to say that you’re working for creative satisfaction, but Bollywood’s Mr Perfectionist went a step ahead to claim that he earns the least amount of money in the film industry. Really Aamir, you want us to believe that?

Now we know that films are made to satisfy one’s creative cravings. But how far is it justified when a magastar like Aamir Khan says on record, that he is the least paid actor in the film industry? Well if you ask us, it is absolutely ridiculous!

Aamir was recently talking to a leading news daily when he said that he does not work for money and that’s his biggest strength. To add to the hilarious statement that he made, he said, ”It’s not that I don’t need money. All of us need money and, according to me, I earn the least amount of money. I earn the least compared to others and yet I am very happy because I do what my heart says.”

Why is it so funny, you ask? Well a statement like this coming from the actor whose movie Dhoom:3 raked in the maximum moolah in the history of Indian cinema is obviously hilarious, and it is obviously bull**** (you know what we mean). All across the film industry, critics and audience alike have criticised his performance in D:3. People have gone to the extent of saying, that Aamir looked constipated when he danced and performed stunts and that possibly, this was his worst performance ever!

Then why did Aamir do D:3? We are quite sure that the Taare Zameen Par actor is intelligent enough to understand the strengths and weaknesses of any particular film. Then if it wasn’t the money and the Yash Raj banner that lured him into taking up Dhoom:3, what was it? Wethinks, Aamir is just faffing and covering his rear to justify the disaster that Dhoom:3 was. What do you think BollywoodLifers, is Aamir Khan really the least paid actor in Bollywood? Vote now!


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  • Shyam suresh

    Jeeezus this site really is SRGay

    • Parvez Naik

      AHAHAHA. right say. i think Writer is He She Shemale

  • Lisa JD

    well no disaster film rewrites bollywood history….we all know what negative word of mouth can do….is it fashionable to criticise big successes….the writer seems to be one of them….yes this isnt aamir’s best performance but its not the worst either….

    plus he didnt say he is the least paid actor in bollywood….he said that he makes the least amount of money by not muiltiple films or doing entertainment tv shows… the difference dear writer!!!

    • Parvez Naik

      yes u say very well

  • Guest

    u losers. what aamir said is right. the writer of this article does not understand english n obviously a loser in life. what aamir meant is …”he’s worth about 3 to 4 billion in a year if he makes more commercial movies in a year. but he earns less than 1 billion in a year from his movies cos he makes only 1 movie in 1 or 2 years”. the other stars earn a lot by making more commercial movies in a yr. aamir rarely chooses commercial movies. the writer of this article definitely lost her mind (due to prolonged constipation n with the depression of men telling her “u r ugly”)

  • Parvez Naik

    Bollywood life always written against Amir, he says all filmakers, critics, Audience Critisized Amir performance in DHOOM3 then how this film earn 272 Crore in Indian and worldwide 522 Crores. Critics are mad, when they like movies , movie will go Dump. Guys write my words, they give 4.5 stars to Dedh Ishqiya, Movie will earn average,
    Aamir performance in D 3 Remarkable. Just Shut Up. i think they didn’t digest Aamir Success……Aamir is Aamir. Great …all movies are little in front of 3 idiots Movies…….All time Favourite .

    • jack

      trye bro, he is the only good actor in bollywood,,, all the others i find useless,, people in india the tupid cuz the goes for fake action, in bollywood i only watch Aamir mnovies

  • Imran

    He obviously meant out of the big stars, and not any actor out of bollywood. I bet you caught all the illogical scenes in doom 3, but don’t know how to use your common sense in your own writing.

  • Ibrahim

    Ya.this rubbish site is an anti-Aamir site for sure.

    • Parvez Naik

      yes always

  • paaa

    kritika … teri maa ki choot… srgay ka lund choos le ….. all said and done… no movie can be a bigger disaster than

  • paaa

    behen ki lodi saaali..kritika

  • paaa

    People have gone to the extent of saying, that Aamir looked
    constipated when he danced and performed stunts and that possibly, this
    was his worst performance ever!.. teri maa ki chooot…..

  • shal

    Looks like Aamir has rebuked you guys or refused to do your interview yet again, that’s why you continue to write crap about him. So you’re sore losers, at least don’t be so obvious about it. Maybe if you started behaving professionally he might reconsider his decision to talk to you as well. Aamir appreciates quality and integrity, which you have none of at the moment. When Aamir says something, I (and the nation) believe him. More than that we believe IN him. But when you guys say something, I know for a fact that it is not true. Think about this please before you write your next defamatory article.

    • Guest

      Kya bola bhai jaan….I and my entire class of 40 (engineering college) people are die hard fans of Aamir….This writer is a loser!!!

  • paaa

    fuck kritika ajmani…… loser has not achieved anything in her life except sucking srgay’s dick

  • likeahepburn

    Well I’m not Indian so I don’t have any idea about what Bollywood criticers think about Aamir Khan but whole world love him.

    • Guest

      Well, thanks bro….This writer actually meant HER neighborhood of two houses when she said about whole world!!!!

      • likeahepburn

        You’re so pathetic. I meant WHOLE WORLD. You know 3 Idiots is the most watched Bollywood movie in the USA, right? Also he is one of the 100 Most Influential People in the world according the Times. So stfu

  • Indrani

    wow what a looser of an article. “All across the film industry, critics and audience alike have criticised his performance in D:3″ … what rubbish … The writer needs to get a life

  • kritika ki maa behen

    kritika ajmani teri maa ki chut me tere baap ka lund mila ka halwa banaunga fir khilunga tuje randi bhai, baap chod

  • Munir

    dhoom 3 was good.