Is Aamir Khan’s Dhoom:3 a rip off of a Hollywood film?

Is Aamir Khan’s Dhoom:3 a rip off of a Hollywood film?

The official trailer suggests that the movie is a rip off of a famous Hollywood film, which one it it?

Aamir Khan’s Dhoom:3 official trailer is out and for all those who watched it thought it had a Hollywood feel. Looks like its more than just a Hollywood ‘feel’.  Buzz is that the Aamir Khan starrer looks eerily similar to the famous Hollywood movie Now You See Me.

With an ensemble cast – Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan and Katrina Kaif, Dhoom:3 definitely looks promising. The third movie in Dhoom series is an action thriller with the perfectionist Khan and sizzling Katrina in the lead role. But what seems to have attracted more attention is that the movie’s plot and a few crucial scenes have been lifted from the recent Hollywood movie Now You See Me. Now now… Weren’t we expecting a better performance from director Vijay Krishna Acharya?

We saw the trailer and thought so too. Tell us what you think BollywoodLifers. We wonder what AK has to tell us after watching the striking similarities between his much awaited film of the year and the very famous Hollywood flick!


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  • Suresh

    Bollywood Life, please note that NYSM came out this year and D3 started shooting in 2012 and was written from 2010-11!

  • aakash

    i dnt think so coz ‘now you see me’ was released in june 2013 and by the time D3 shoot was more than started…so thumbs down to this useless comparison to ‘now you see me’

    • Genius

      Agree with Aakash…….. Very much True…….

  • rahul

    Just cut this crap.. those who is calling that D3 id the copy of Now you see me. They should know dat NYSM released in may 2013 .and we all know that D3 script is written two years ago.and also shooting was completed before release of nysm. And no one producer & writer give their permission of copying his movie bfre released. So u should shut your mouth to spreading this nonsense.

  • samid siddiqi

    When now you see me released Dhoom 3′s shooting was almost over and also the script was written 3 years back…so how can it be a copy?! plz…show some common sense…more over in D3 Aamir is a clown in NYSM there was street there is no similarity anyway..

  • indranil

    if there is sometng matches , we can not imagine it cud be by of co-occurrence !! all time we have to say b-wood is copying h-wood!!!
    please note that NYSM came out this year and D3 started shooting in 2012 and was written from 2010-11!…so u can tell d3 has coppied NYSM ?? !!!we have so much time to thing somethng better for +ve …..those who have no time to do good thing they can imagine these fake rubbish in idle mode

  • Samid

    the script of D3 was written 3 years back…nd when NYSM released D3′s most part of shooting was complete…nd moreover Aamir is a clown theif in D3 and in NYSM there was street magicians…so there is no similarity anyway…so plzz show some common sense.

  • priya

    I live in the USA and I haven’t even heard of the movie “Now You See Me”

  • Arun Gowda

    why you people Aamir so much?salman’s every film is a copy of southindian films than too you people appreciate his moves than why not for aamir.Why are you partial for aamir.Same think was told for Talaash being same to that of kahaani .we all know that these were as different as chalk and cheese.Even SRK’s Ra one was a copy of hollywood movie .Then too you media were supporting SRK. Then why not for aamir.

  • Aniruddh Murthy

    How can it be Rip off ? We Just saw a 4 Mins Trailer, from that Trailer nobody can say that its RIP OFF, You can say it when you see and understand the Whole Movie !!!
    People say its Copy of ” Now you See me ” No, its not Just because it has Magic show and even this has that doesn’t mean its Copy !!!!
    Srk Fans hearts are beating rapidly because Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3 will Smash the Record of Chennai Express

  • AJ

    Ms Ajmani, I would request you to do some actual research before publishing news that has no truth to it. As mentioned in previous comments, NYSM came out in July 2013. Also, if you had seen the movie, you would know that its plot would never fit a Dhoom movie.

  • Sudatta

    The movie reminds me of The Dark Knight. It even says the Joker. The first trailer was like The Dark Knight Rises. There I said it.

  • Jamie

    I don’t think so. The story line is different. If a movie has a magician , that does not make it a copy of a Hollywood magician movie.

  • Prakash

    Yes it is a rip off of Now You See Me. I have seen that movie and it looks very similar.

  • sartaj ruhal

    amir yar abishek jaruri tha dhoom3 me faloof hero