Is Aamir Khan’s PK inspired by the movie Alien Visitor?

Is Aamir Khan’s PK inspired by the movie Alien Visitor?

The poster that recently went viral online had our suspicions raised…

As Aamir Khan’s first look in PK went viral online, another buzz grew equally strong: wasn’t the film pretty similar to a 1995 Australian film Alien Visitor?

Called Epsilon during its initial visit, and starring Ullie Birve and Syd Brisbane, the film tells the story of a beautiful female alien sent from the planet Epsilon to Earth by mistake. Dropped in the Australian outback stark naked, she meets a surveyor, who gives her clothes. By and by, she tells him that the human race is reckless and that other alien races consider them failures. She bends space and time to prove her point and over time, the two fall in love. The film was socially relevant as it took a long, hard look at the way that the human race was ravaging the planet.

And while the PK plot has still not been revealed, director Rajkumar Hirani usually brings a socially relevant angle in. Will PK replace Epsilon’s aliens with something more local and relatable like gods or godmen (like early rumours went) or go in another direction altogether. Well, we’re gonna know sooner rather than later. Watch this space!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Terminator

    I don’t know why people are overreacting over it… when ranbir went nude for saawariya, there was no complaint, when Neil nitin went nude in jail , there was no complaint.. and now for one poster , so much hype .

    If models and heroines posing nude is acceptable in India… Why you are creating controversies for the nude poster of AAmir without knowing the facts behind the poster….

    When 100s of nude naga sadhu in kumbh are shown on television, it is religion. When woman is shown nude, it is art. When a poster covering private parts is shown, it will promote obscenity in the society. Wah re society.

    Was there any case filed of obscenity against the film B.A. Pass or even Nasha or Ragini MMS 2…. If No, then what the heck is the problem if Aamir is posing nude..

    First of all it’s raju’s film .. it will be cult classic for sure.. as for aamir he has always come up with new roles .. Well people have forgotten how 3 idiots went on to become 1st 200 crore at IBO… to beat the record shahrukh has to increase the tickets of chennai 3 times,paid reviews …

    Trust guy this movie with aamir being a godmen will a cult classic.. raju hirani has won a national award foir his every film so trust him.

    • Lisa JD

      Ranbir was a newcomer when he posed nude. Aamir is one of the biggest stars and PK the biggest film of the year……hence such hue and cry…..

      The film will be a classic, surely :)

  • desert rose

    Much A Do about nothing!

  • JC

    This is the year of the Khans. Salmon with Kick in the summer. Shahrukh with Happy New Year in the fall. Aamir with PK in the winter. Feel sorry for anybody else who has to compete against those films.

    • Terminator

      They are a unique trimurti.. I am sure we never gonna see a trimurti like this again… They have taken bollywood to a new standard….

    • Subho J Manna

      or 3khans ke middle ek hi person aa sakhta hay, jiska film blockbuster vhi hota hay or record vhi banata hay,, o hay HRITHIK ROSHAN ka film..