Is Aamir Khan’s PK inspired by the movie Alien Visitor?

The poster that recently went viral online had our suspicions raised…

As Aamir Khan’s first look in PK went viral online, another buzz grew equally strong: wasn’t the film pretty similar to a 1995 Australian film Alien Visitor?

Called Epsilon during its initial visit, and starring Ullie Birve and Syd Brisbane, the film tells the story of a beautiful female alien sent from the planet Epsilon to Earth by mistake. Dropped in the Australian outback stark naked, she meets a surveyor, who gives her clothes. By and by, she tells him that the human race is reckless and that other alien races consider them failures. She bends space and time to prove her point and over time, the two fall in love. The film was socially relevant as it took a long, hard look at the way that the human race was ravaging the planet.

And while the PK plot has still not been revealed, director Rajkumar Hirani usually brings a socially relevant angle in. Will PK replace Epsilon’s aliens with something more local and relatable like gods or godmen (like early rumours went) or go in another direction altogether. Well, we’re gonna know sooner rather than later. Watch this space!