Is Abhay Deol moving out of Mumbai?

The actor-producer has put up his Juhu house for sale. Wondering why? Well, read on to know more

A little birdie tells us that Abhay Deol has put up his house for sale. Reportedly, he is quoting Rs 2.75 crore for his fourth floor studio apartment, located near the Hare Rama Hare Krishna temple in Juhu. Though the apartment is stylishly decorated, the actor is currently put up at a building in Santacruz West. We hear that Abhay wants to close the deal soon and has even asked the B-townies if they can help with the sale of his flat.

So why has the actor decided to sell off a hot property like that, you ask? Well, does it have anything to do with his last film, One By Two’s poor performance? Reportedly, Abhay Deol owns a land in Goa and wants to build a plush villa on the land so that he can take short breaks every once in a while when he isn’t shooting. However, the One By Two actor has put this plan on hold for now.

Well, while our birdie maintains that Abhay has put up his house for sale, his manager says that Abhay is staying in a rented apartment only ‘coz his house is being done-up. Also, work is under progress even on his property in Goa. Hmmm… Whatever the reason, we hope it actually has nothing to do with the failure of his maiden production venture and all’s well in the actor’s life.