Is Abhishek Bachchan avoiding Salman Khan?

Junior B says that he couldn’t make it to the Bigg Boss house to promote his new film Players as his flight got delayed and his schedule got messed up

Now the industry is well aware of Abhishek’s nonchalant attitude and his friendly demeanour. Despite Salman’s past connection with Ash, the actor has always been cordial with Sallu bhai and shared pleasantries whenever the two have coincidentally crossed paths. Usually these two avoid making appearances on national television on any other public platform but why should they? Considering they are neither friends nor enemies. We think Salman and Abhi simply fear the hype that will be created if they share screen space even for a nano-second. To avoid the unnecessary hoopla and gossip that would spawn if they come together, these two B-town hunks have hitherto made sure they are supremely careful with the kind of moves they make. And considering this has been the trend for so many years till now, it becomes a li’l hard to believe when junior Bachchan says that he couldn’t make it to the Bigg Boss house because of certain reasons (cooked up or genuine we don’t know)! As Abhi’s co-stars Sonam Kapoor and Neil Nitin Mukesh have gone ahead with the promotions on the show without him, we must say that junior Bachchan’s presence will be sorely missed and if next time he plans to escape this kind of a situation, we suggest him not to resort to lame stories.