Is Abhishek Bachchan obsessed with 8 pack abs?

Yes, the Dhoom:3 actor is leaving no stone unturned to achieve 8 pack abs

Bachchan Jr’s current obsession is a fat-blitzing stomach belt that’ll help him build abs. Abhishek Bachchan is preparing to take off his shirt in one of his upcoming films. Why else would he be building 8 pack abs? Bachchan Jr is not known for a killer body unlike other actors like Salman Khan, John Abraham, and Hrithik Roshan, who often shed their shirts in films. Perhaps he has decided to join the ranks of beefy actors. In the last year, he has lost 16 kilos and now his latest obsession is Technoshape, a control unit, which targets the midriff area.

Technoshape is a piece of stomach sculpting technology that promises to help you lose centimetres from the waist. Yesterday, the actor posted a picture of the fat-blitzing stomach belt calling it his latest obsession and announced, 8 pack, here we come. Technoshape, which is also used by Peter Andre, claims to show results in just three 40-minute sessions per week. It has been endorsed by many celebrities in the UK and costs around Rs 15.5 lakh.

Text courtesy: DNA