Is Abhishek Bachchan unhappy with his bike in Dhoom:3?

Inspector Jai Dixit seems to be unhappy about his bike sequences in the movie, and therefore, in order to stand toe to toe with Aamir Khan, he is trying to perform stunts in an auto rickshaw

Abhishek Bachchan has performed stunts in Dhoom series before. But in both the previous installments, he was left out of major bike stunts and had stunts with jet-skis and helicopters instead and this installment seems to be no different for Bachchan junior. Looks like the major bike sequences have been kept aside for Aamir Khan and Uday Chopra and therefore, the Bol Bachchan actor is trying to perform stunts in an auto rickshaw.

The actor sure seems like to have gone desi. He has learnt to ride an auto rickshaw. In the introductory shots of the actor, there are some action scenes he will be doing in the auto rickshaw. Abhishek, who plays the character of an intelligent cop- Jai Dixit, was loved by the audiences in the previous franchises of Dhoom. Only time will tell, whether he excels in the stunt sequences in an auto rickshaw or whether, he would make a laughing stock of himself in the process. Just wait and watch peeps…