Is Aditya Chopra annoyed with Katrina Kaif?

Is Aditya Chopra annoyed with Katrina Kaif?
Yogen Shah

The actor is reportedly not a YRF favorite anymore, especially after she refused to be the leading lady in Gunday

Katrina Kaif was offered five of Aditya Chopra’s best roles, three of which were with the reigning Khans – Salman Khan (Ek Tha Tiger), Shahrukh Khan (Jab Tak Hai Jaan) and Aamir Khan (Dhoom 3) apart from New York and Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. And in return Aditya Chopra expected nothing much from Kat but to be grateful to do one film that he wanted her to do. The film which we are talking about here is Gunday which stars Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor.

If reports are to be believed, when Adi asked Katrina to be the leading lady in Gunday, she refused citing date reasons. Since the Dhoom 3 girl refused to do the film, it was offered to Priyanka Chopra who instantly agreed to play the leading lady in Gunday.

According to our khabroo, Adi was confident of Katrina’s nod for Gunday since it is to be directed by Ali Abbas Zafar (Mere Brother Ki Dulhan) with whom she shares a wonderful working relation and Arjun is her rakhi brother but to Adi’s shock, not only did she refused to do the film, Kat said she would do it only if he roped in one of the bigger stars. That is when Katrina entered in Aditya Chopra’s bad books. “He couldn’t believe that she would lay down conditions in front of him. He coldly told Kat he didn’t need her in the film and went ahead and signed her arch rival. After that he has cooled off Kat,” adds our khabroo .

So what is up with Katrina? She has been losing out on a lot of films lately. First she was replaced by Deepika Padukone in Happy New Year and Dostana 2 and now she has been replaced by Priyanka Chopra in Gunday.

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  • saib

    I am so glad that she got replaced by deepika in the other two movies and by priyanka in gunday…one should never be that self-centred or arrogant…katrina kaif. Her saying that she will only do the film if there are bigger stars in it proves that she is incapable of actually acting in a movie on her own as she knows that it will not be a “box office hit”.

    • kat

      so true well said

    • amir

      i am totally agree with you , she’s becoming more immature and arrogant every other day … thanks deepika , am deepika’s biggest fan i love her , she deserves national award for her roles in yJD and chennai express ..I ♥ deepika , and priyanka too …. i hate katrina

    • ralph

      Absolutely! We are TIRED of Katrina..

      she is lookign all botoxed OUT now.. who would belive she is 30? She is pushing 40.. look at boom.. the other two actresses are similar in age to Kat.. and they are both 42.. ;)

  • ranbir

    She is doing movie with sushanth with abhishek kapoor , she has done mere brother ki dulhan with imran khan .this whole drama is nonsense. Media has problem with kat thats the reason media is creating tales. Aditya chopra is soon going to start another project with her. Why will he aoorich her for another project if he has problem with katrina. Even when she is out of town .people seems not forgetting her. There are other actresses .priyanka and kareena .even they are doing lesser work .sometime even write about them.

  • Susan

    UGH, what a b****!

  • Kirlia07

    She deserves that after all she is a terrible actress…least deepika proved she can act in those years but katrina tends to disappoint with her blank acting

  • adi

    Peeps believe it or not this ranbir guy is jinx for these girls first it was deepika whose career went nowhere till she left him and now kat

  • kate

    What a stupid article I hate deepika more than anything on earth n next on list priyanka.

  • Freda

    Come on do you people really think Katrina can act? We all know she there just cause of her Caucasian look.