Is Akshay Kumar obsessed with Sonakshi Sinha?

It seems all Akki can do is think about Ms Sinha but that’s only in reel and not in real life…

Okay, so Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha are just co-stars and we are only talking about a song from their upcoming film Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty. Tu hi toh hai is a fun romantic number wherein Khiladi Kumar is trying to pataofy his onscreen ladylove and sings, ‘Tu hi to hai khayaal mera, tu hi to hai karaar mera.’ Now that explains our title, hai na? The Akshay and Sonakshi starrer will hit the theatres in June but the film has already grabbed attention. Hence we decided to have little fun by getting lost in the translation. So below is the brand new angrezi version of Tu hi toh hai. Read, have fun and most importantly tell us whether it’s funny or not…

Aawaargi karta hoon,

par main awaara nahi

Chhoda khulla dil ko

Magar khud ko bigaada nahi

Aise lage tere bina

ab to guzaara nahi

Kisi ka bhi hounga na main

Huaa jo tumhaara nahi

Loafing I do

but I loafer not

left open heart

But myself spoiled not

Feel you without

Now live not

Nobody belong I

If become yours not


Tu hi to hai khayaal mera

Tu hi to hai karaar mera

Jhoothe nashe jahaan mein kabhi

Tu hi to hai khumaar mera

You are only thought mine

You are only peace mine

False intoxicants world in

You are only intoxication mine