Is Akshay Kumar overdoing the action-packed khaki genre?

Is Akshay Kumar overdoing the action-packed khaki genre?

We’ve seen Rowdy Rathore, Dabangg and Singham. And now the filmmakers want us to gear up for Akki’s Khiladi 786 and Special Chabbis. Should we?

Yes, we know that moustached police officers are probably the most ‘in’ thing in the Hindi film industry right now. But looking at how movies are increasingly steering the khaaki way nowadays, we wonder for how long this craze will last. And what makes us think about it right now is the fact that Akshay Kumar, the Khiladi of B-town, seems to be somewhat stuck to this very genre.

Hmmm, so what gives? A short while ago, we happened to watch Khiladi 786’s official trailer that showcased Akki slaying the goons with his cool but stale punches. Stale because it was like a déjà vu stemming from Rowdy Rathore, Dabangg and Singham. Don’t you agree, readers?

If that wasn’t enough, Akshay is coming up with yet another movie, this time Neeraj Pandey’s Special Chabbis that again revolves around the (sigh!) khaaki vardi and loads of action. And what makes it even more banal is the fact that the storyline of SC – conmen dressed as police officers trying to pull off a heist – is uncannily similar to that of Khiladi 786 where AK will attempt to dupe people by showing off his fake police uniform. The only difference, we are being told by alert birdies, is that the latter is purely fictional, while Pandey’s movie is based on the real life story of Mon Singh who made headlines by looting a famous jewellery store in Mumbai in 1987.

Still, in the end it’s the khaaki and dhishum-dhishum, no? Perhaps. And so the ‘yawn’ threatens to break out for this one. But while we stifle our boredom, tell us, dear readers – do you want to watch Akshay Kumar in yet another policewala dhishum-dhishum avatar?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Om

    you do such a cheap writting dude…are u some kind of a moron…rather considering it as a typical bollywoood masala entertainer ,u are wasting time spreading negativity about it ..both the movies are of different genre ..special26 is real life based drama that has come from neeraj pandey ..and the other khildau 786 is a cool comic -action -musical caper..both are far too better u write article for the actor u like most ,unecessarily spreading negativity doesn make any sense..i have read some of ur previous artcle too ..and i realised that u keep writing such things for every ak movie..rowdy rathore being the same..and u shud know the result …it doesn matter to people ..they love thier superstars that erges them to see more of better..anyways nuthng personal …i hope u get me !

    • anrs

      totally agree with u. we love akki and khiladi 786 gonna rock……………………………..

    • anil dash

      u r r8 bro….i jst love akki…..

  • Pedro

    Yah these cheesey police acts are overdone and becoming boring. I would like to see Akki in an international spy movie or investigative type genre rather than his current headache inducing acts.

  • neelesh dubey

    akshay kumar is sooooo coool and handsome in bollywood..

  • Dj

    This website is the very bad always write negative things about akki n his movie.the reporter is such coward that he fear he writes negative always..u dont think u r boring man always writing negative about the same man..ur writing has no such thngs to enjoy..

    • anil dash

      u r r8 bro

  • anil dash

    yes i love to, i watch akshay’s many films aprox 89 nd i wish i cross 100 i love him what he do i jst wtch hat

  • nishant

    akshay looks great in policewala look…than thigna salman khan…kitni bhi movies krle policewale bn baar jchta hai apna AkKI BhAI…AUR tu apne fudu comment apne paas he rakh…tere likhne se use koi fark nhe pdega..AkKI…EMPEROR of BOLLYWOOD…and greatest in the WoRLD…AKKI ROXXxxxx.,.

  • neha


  • Divesh

    Ths lady Latika is jealous of Akki……….this kind of biased ppl should not be allowed to write on movies or any website……………..everyone is praising Khiladi 786 trailer…….n look she is totally pylon……

  • Sarvjeet kumar

    Yes….i can watch akkis in police avatar 1000 times

  • harish devda

    phir se box office dhamaka akshay kumar wel come

  • rehan

    what a stupid article comparing special 26 with khiladi786. both are poles apart. K786 is a masala action entertainer, and da latter is coming from Neeraj Pandey director of A Wednesday based on a true story with serious content.

  • Boss786

    1st of all, HUGE differences between Khiladi 786 and Special Chabbis:

    Khiladi 786 won’t have Akshay playing a cop but just a con- man pretending to be a cop. The punches don’t look funny at all, in fact the action here seems better than Rowdy Rathore as there are more hints of martial arts here: roundhouse kick in the new trailer, the stance after hitting the guy in the head and the leg reaching the head (Its like a desi Kung Fu Hustle with mixture of martial arts and OTT-ness) Basically, its an out&out entertainer.

    As for Special Chabbis, that’s where you have gone completely wrong. S26 is a damn serious film based on real life events (btw, i doubt if it will actually have that much action) and Akshay is not playing a police officer but a leader of con men for a robbery.

    Now you might say that he is repeating the ‘con-man’ thing too much but I don’t think anyone will actually complain if the movies are of different types and genres.

  • Gautam

    It is very easy to compare/criticize/complain.. another thing to actually put in effort to make films.. however easy and fun the output looks..instead of wasting ur time playing the critic stop watchin if ure so bored.. get a life.. put in effort and then comment.. very easy to sit and type and critisize everythin..