Is Ameesha Patel already a mother?

Ameesha is already a mother, we ain’t saying so, but the B-town beauty is…

Ameesha Patel is known for her wacky sense of style and choice of bad films, but we didn’t know Ms Patel has a strange style of expression as well. In the tinsel town, ladies often shy away from commitments and marriage talks, but Ameesha says she feels like a mother. The actor in a recent interview said, “I feel like a mother who is creating this new born baby in Desi Magic. I am seeing it taking its (baby) steps, learning to crawl, learning to walk, having its falls while learning to walk and coming through each hurdle. And now with Desi Magic going on floors, I feel like I have sent my kid to school. I just want it to graduate with flying colours.” Well, is Ameesha saying that turning producer, has made her enter a new world – a world where you don’t need a child to experience motherhood and labour pain too, right Missy?

The damsel had a dream launch opposite Hrithik Roshan in Kaho Naa Pyar Hai and went on to feature in some popular films like Gadar and Humraaz, but soon the bad line up of films made her career go on a back flip. And planning for a revamp, Ameesha decided to debut as a producer and play lead in it too. Guess, playing a producer and actor on the same project is taking a toll on the actor!

We know Ameesha is overwhelmed by the changes happening in her career…for good or for worse we don’t know yet but she is sure developing a knack to make people laugh with her interesting anecdotes. Looks like the actor is finally exploring her comic side and we aren’t complaining a bit as it’s always good to read something that amuses you, no?