Is Ameesha Patel blowing her own trumpet?

The Race 2 babe is using every possible trick in the PR book to stay in the business of movies. But will it work? We wonder…

You don’t mention Ameesha Patel and successful films in the same breath, do you? Even though her debut film Kaho Naa.. .Pyaar Hai was a sensational hit and we all know the reason – read: the breathtaking Hrithik Roshan – behind the success of the movie. Her subsequent hit Gadar-Ek Prem Katha, which was released more than a decade ago, was all about Sunny Deol and his theatrics. Ameesha then disappeared both from our minds and from the big screen. She kept popping-off and on the screen with some tiny roles that made us wonder what was shorter – Ameesha’s largely forgettable blink-and-miss appearances or her equally little clothes.

Honestly speaking, the Patel babe never got something substantial to boast of, except for her degree in Economics from the elite Tufts University that she highlighted in every interview she gave when she arrived in B-town. Film-wise though, she could never really make it to the popularity charts, even as her brother Ashmit Patel got all that attention for the wrong reasons – from the lovemaking clip that went viral to the juicy episodes with Veena Malik…remember? You just name it and Ashmit had been there and done that! But sister Ameesha was confined mainly to not so meaty roles.

And just when we thought that sexy siren Ameesha would only be seen on the covers of some not-so-top-of-the-shelf glossies, she managed to squeeze herself into Abbas Mastan’s mind-numbingly nonsensical action thriller Race 2. The film netted Rs 100 crore at the box office, thanks to the mercy of the Almighty and brainless audiences alike. Giddy Ameesha jumped with joy once again and started giving interviews about her ‘mighty’ contribution to the success of the film.

And now, just when the petite babe has nothing solidly A-list workwise to look forward to, she has activated her PR machinery once again. Ameesha’s publicists are relentlessly claiming that the actor is the highest paid star in the Telugu film industry and has been getting a mind-boggling sum of money for working down South. Ameesha too is raving about the roles she’s been offered. “Yes, I have been lucky to have worked with some big actors in Bollywood and down South and I am considering this project depending on my dates matching with my other films like Shortcut Romeo, Bhaiyyaji Superhit and Desi Magic. Touch wood, there’s too much on my plate as of now. Talks are almost in the final stage,” claimed the hyper-excited Ameesha in an interview.

We honestly think that the babe is blowing her own trumpet to stay in the news. What next? Will the beauty also put a picture of her fat paycheque online to convince us that she is oh-so-much-in-demand?