Is Anil Kapoor angry with Aamir Khan?

The ‘item boy’ seems to have angered his senior colleague by spoofing his (well-known) hairy chest

Manoj Kumar is still mad at Shahrukh Khan and Farah Khan for making fun of him in Om Shanti Om. And now it’s Aamir Khan who is taking the risk of angering some of B-town’s best actors. It seems his spoof of Anil Kapoor – or rather Anil’s hairy chest – in his Delhi Belly ‘item song’ I hate you (like I love you) has not been taken too kindly by the Mission Impossible 4 actor. One recalls that after Aamir’s hit tapori act in Rangeela had won hearts, Anil had said that he himself had played a street ruffian in countless movies. Which is true…but on the surface, Aamir and Anil have been cordial and there has been no jhagda between them as such. Anil even starred in Aamir’s Mann as a supporting actor. But one wonders if this act of aping Anil’s hair has not been in rather bad taste. After all, the Slumdog… has been waxing his chest for a while now – case in point, Nayak. The next time around Aamir should play it safe and ape someone’s acting and not his or her physical characteristics, perhaps? After all, how will Aamir feel if someone uses a dwarf to depict him in some future film? By the way, watch out for the other B-town biggies spoofed in the song: Amitabh Bachchan, Govinda and Mithun Chakraborty….

WATCH SONG: I hate you [like I love you]