Is Anushka Sharma on a patch-up spree?

Catfights and reconciliations aren’t new in Bollywood. Though some actors don’t think twice before getting into a spat, others know just when to play nice. The Band Baaja Baaraat babe seems to be one of them

It’s the season to kiss and make up …at least, for Anushka Sharma. The all-is-not-well phase between Anushka and Deepika Padukone is a thing of the past. We hear that the two long legged beauties, who shared cold vibes because of a certain Ranveer Singh and his wavering passions, have now patched up…and how! Recently, at an IIFA after party hosted by Shahrukh Khan in Macau, Ms Sharma and Ms Padukone set the dance floor on fire, together. The duo got along like a house on fire, which raised quite a few eyebrows at the bash. Later, the two were seen chatting and giggling as if there was never any awkwardness between them. Now that’s interesting!

We wonder if SRK played peacemaker between the two pretty ladies. After all, both made their grand debut in Bollywood with the charming hero, remember? But here’s the thing: Dippy is not the only one with whom the Jab Tak Hain Jaan girl has buried the hatchet. Earlier, the talented actress mended fences with her P.K. co-star Sushant Singh Rajput after getting into a war of words with him. And not that long ago, Anushka had even extended the olive branch of friendship to Katrina Kaif.

While it’s surprising to see Anushka on a patch-up spree, wethinks the actress has realised that it doesn’t pay to be in the bad books of co-stars or contemporaries. And when you are a part of a small and incestuous industry like Bollywood, it is always better to have more friends than enemies, no? All we can say is – wise move!