Is Anushka Sharma using catfights with Deepika Padukone to promote herself?

Is Anushka Sharma using catfights with Deepika Padukone to promote herself?

The Band Baaja Baaraat actor seems to be quite vocal and catty about her rivalry with fellow actor Deepika Padukone

When celebrities are asked about their onscreen rivalries in public, they either keep mum or at times, fly off the handle. And Anushka has been one such catty celeb who has chosen to shoot her mouth off rather than maintain a dignified silence on her rivalry with Deepika Padukone.

So when Deepika went on to say that she is not competing with any fellow actor and her competition was only with herself, laying her rivalry with Anushka at rest, the latter went on to make fiery statements like, “Stop throwing garbage at me since I don’t throw garbage at you” she said about Deepika, She also tried to prove how she was a better person than Deepika when she said, “A friend of Deepika had called up to say that she is doing Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and not Anushka. My friends don’t call, do they? I am Kashyap’s and Hirani’s choice. She is Ayan’s and whosoever’s. I never pull anybody down. That makes me nice, right?”

Meanwhile there were also reports that Anushka had reduced her fees for brand endorsements so she could bag more offers and undercut her rival Deepika. The angry young woman shot down that bit of news by showing how she was more special than her rival, “Today I command a premium. I have earned it. And I don’t need to slash my prices. The best brands and filmmakers work with me happily and pay what I demand. But these are things that you don’t flaunt,” said Anushka clearly ‘flaunting’ her status as one of the more ‘special’ actors around!

So, what’s up with Anushka? Is she really that insecure to be using these public platforms to get back at Deepika and ensure some publicity? Or is her anger genuine? And if so, why? Could it be because of the current closeness between Anushka’s ex-beau Ranveer Singh and Deepika on the sets of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram Leela? We don’t know what it is, but something definitely seems to be irking Anushka, so much so that she shoots off her mouth at every given chance. Time to cool off, babes!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • ayush

    of course anushka is mental lol. I love Deepika

    • Pink

      Is anushka gone nuts… Please stop feeling insecure and jux zip it, cox u knw that deepika is much better actress than u and you cant match up her star power… She;s ur senior darling and way more beautiful… so jux shut it and do some good films if u want to gain attention. :P

      • Rahul

        anushka is way better than deepika she has prove her acting skills in rbnj , band bajaa and jbtj

  • meghna patel

    I hate anushka sharma, she is so annoying & such a b***h. I like deepika more now, she is really sweet.

    • Rahul

      deepika is a b*********h, anushka is the best

  • Anushka Sharma Forum Indonesia

    This is a biggest fans of #AnushkaSharma from Indonesia, Here many people like anushka sharma than deepika padukone..

    Deepika is a greedy actor, i like Anushka at all for example she is a beautiful skin how deepika? She is a very black not sweet hehe

    • sumit verma

      so? being black or dusky doesn’t make deepika look bad. infact deepika has the most pretty face in bollywood not like that ugly parantha face of anushka! lol

    • MyOpinion

      What you said doesn’t even make sense. Learn how to speak and write properly! You sound just as ignorant as your idol, Anushka. I guess birds of a feather flock together….

    • Vidhi

      listen! Its ur wish who u can like but judging them by their skin colour is not fair at all! THAT SHOW HOW CHEAP U ARE! I love both of dem equally and both of dem are gud in their own way :)

  • Sana

    its the reporter who is mental and keeps saing bad things about Anushka sharma… did Anushka refuse an interview with u or what????

  • nishant

    i hate this fugly anushka!! love deepika

  • guestt

    This is such a joke. Anushka Sharma doesn’t need to “promote” herself. I love both of these actresses. (though I like Anushka Sharma more) Who cares if they have a rivalry. Everyone doesn’t have to be best friends in this industry.

  • Kunal

    Anushka…… is nothing,, in front of Deepika…!! Anushka…darling..try try…. but let me tell you..u will not succeed… in this way….!!! be honest..not jelious..dear…!!! lol….feel sorry for Anushka…!! ;)

  • allie

    i think anushka sharma has lost it… her front row interview with anupama chopra made me question her sanity and i’m wondering if she needs speech therapy. deepika is poise and eloquent , she is very confident and when asked about the rivalry she manages to answer politely and beautifully :)

  • dodi

    Anushka seems very insecure and she actually should feel like that since she is nothing in front of Deepika! seems like somebody is trying hard to promote her thanda film Matru ki bijlee ka mandola here LOL. When her own name can’t sell the film i guess the other alternative is to pick other actress name who clearly a bigger star and better actor than her! Poor dumb woman

  • sunny

    Anushka came down,relax….deepika is indeed a publicity seeker,but u stay quiet.punch her back with your talent and credibility.same goes to u deepika….be polite and kind

    • Ashish

      lol, ghanta. FYI Anushka is the biggest attention seeker. Look how she is barking in interviews & demaning Deepika while Deepika is keeping quite about it! Enough to prove that Anushka is really an attention seeker :P

  • giya

    go hell bloody arrogant anushka
    love u deepika

  • shivani

    Somebody slap this Anushka please! Annoying as hell!

  • Kapdi

    Ppl don’t understand a difference between a good and bad actress.
    Anushka is way more talented than deepika.
    Gosh, look at films she has done, though fewer than deepika, they are too good. Deepika is what they call ” one tone actress”, her voice being like small irritating sparrow.
    Guys tell us one credible role she has done to date.
    Anushka is thinking director’s choice while deepika, awww wouldn’t want to mention it.
    Also deepika is more interested in relationships than films, from that model, to ranbir, to mallya to yuvraj to ranveer, concentrate on acting dear.

    • SOnia

      Is this a JOKE or what??
      If Anushka has talent, then so does SHABANA AZMI.. ok? Anushka does nt have the looks or body.

      So i dont get what is she doing in glamorous roles? She doesnt suit them.

  • Ralph

    What a loser this Anushka girl is.. seriously.. go get some plastic surgery, and hopefully that will help with your low self esteem

  • giya

    who the hell says anushka is better than deepika anushka is so irritating hate her from heart and love deepika from heart

  • arni

    seems like she just doesn’t like that people are trying 2 pull her saying that she was not the first choice of director and she got the role because someone else rejected it.. while she is working hard to make a name for herself as an actress

  • secret viewer

    Anushka is trying to grab attention simply coz she herself knew it that deepika is a far better actress than she is… From outlook to acting skill deepika is better….according to her statement no one is throwing garbage on her….she belongs to that bloody garbage only….bloody fake bitch she is