Is Ayesha Takia taking the same style route as Aishwarya Rai Bachchan?

Posted Mon, October 15, 2012 4:27pm IST

The babe has been spotted wearing flowy anarkalis and full-sleeved blouses quite often these days. And her style statements have started to remind us of Aishwarya Rai’s fashion choices

No doubt Ayesha Takia has reached a point at which she needs to shed kilos at the speed of light. But she takes us back to the same phase as Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was in – and still is in, to a certain extent – when she had to take the generous support of loose ensembles to conceal her cellulite. Ms Takia is currently hosting a reality show called Sur Kshetra on Colors. And as we see her strutting around in long and boring ethnic clothes, we wonder if this has become a trend of sorts – to opt for anarkalis draped with heavily embellished dupattas whenever fatty deposits start to show on those once upon-a-time fab bods.

Now there’s no denying that Ms Takia still looks very sweet neck up, but we aren’t really in awe of the shiny and showy ensembles that she sports on a frequent basis. And not just that, she was also seen making a complete disaster happen by opting for hideous red wedges with a pretty white salwar kameez recently. Now we approved when she stuck to taking inspiration from Ash, but making such ugly eye-bulging statements is an awfully big no no!

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  • Rehan comes up with the most pathetic of articles.

    Ayesha Takia has looked amazing in every single episode of Surkshetra. She does NOT need to lose weight at all.

    What do you guys mean by “boring ethnic clothes?” Just because she chooses to maintain her dignity and act decent, it does not make her boring.

    Maybe you guys should join some of her social networking sites and see for yourselves how much praise she has received from her followers in regards to her look.

    She is by far the best looking actress there is.

    So stop wasting your time with pointless articles and come up with something interesting and intelligent.

    • Arjun Kumar Vij

      She is unsuccessful actress and partial anchor. At least the director of the programme should have chosen singer anchor instead of mom ki gudiya, who should have complete knowledge of sur. This is not a fashion show. The anchor should have decency while talking with the singers especially singers from India. How to respect the judges. All are legendary and outstanding like Abidaji, Runaji and above all Indian sur ki devi Asha ji.

      • Rehan

        Ayesha Takia is the perfect host for the show – she is intelligent, confident, beautiful, well-dressed and very respectful.

        She is a very successful actress – she has chosen to do meaningful films and maintained her dignity at the same time.
        You don’t need to have complete knowledge of sur to host the programme. She is the host – not the judge, or team captain. She is the one the audience will relate to.

        What do you mean not a fashion show? She is on National and International Televsion – she has to look great, as with all other presenters on other TV shows. When has she not shown decency to anyone? And why ‘especially’ Indian singer? Why not everyone? She has respected judges on all occasions.

        Sorry sir, but your views are ludicrous.

        • Naz

          runa laila and asha bhosle is cheater in sur kshetra both are not gud judge