Is Caterina Lopez related to JLo?

While reports confirming and denying it are doing the rounds, we hear it straight from the Bhindi Bazaar Inc. item girl

Is she or isn’t she? Rumours have been doing the rounds for long that Caterina Lopez, who is entering Bollywood with an item song in Bhindi Bazaar Inc. is actually Jennifer Lopez’s sister. Or cousin. Or distant relative. Or not related at all. Depends on which report you are reading. Is it just an overactive PR machinery trying to do its job? Or has Bollywood become so big in the West that Jennifer’s cousin (if not Jennifer) is actually doing an item number in a not-that-big gangsta flick? So we decided to ask the lady herself to find out just what the truth is.Caterina was candid yet noncommittal. “Yes, we are related, but that’s personal and my family and I want to keep it private.” So she won’t give us the lowdown. Hmm… Well that just gives us more reason to wonder.

While we do that, let me tell you about Caterina’s first and only visit to the actual Bhindi Bazaar (where her film is set) in Mumbai. “I went there just the other day and had some shish kebab. It was very busy and I was wearing high heels. The car couldn’t go there and I couldn’t walk because of the heels. So I couldn’t see much.” So next time, Cousin (??) Cat will be better prepared, right?