Is Celina Jaitley a good mother?

Is Celina Jaitley a good mother?

The brand new mommy is looking yummylicious…and how! Not a millimeter of fat has stayed on the actor’s hot bod post her pregnancy. But is that how mums are supposed to be? Many think not

It’s hardly been three months since Celina Jaitley gave birth to healthy twins. And look at her now! Not a trace of those nine months show on the lady. Now that’s an achievement of sorts, no? But that’s not what certain Tweeple think – they have raised their eyebrows a notch upwards at her lack of baby-fat.

As per Jaitley’s microblogging site, the lady has been flooded with questions and comments that read something like this:

“U look hot…n its impossible to imagine u as a mother.”

“Mother r not suppose to look as sexy as u r :)

“u hav kids?”

The list goes on…

And to all such comments a miffed Celina Jaitley retweets, “How should a mother look like ? :) . Why??All women have the right to be the best they can. Can’t believe I am getting so much flack for NOT looking like a ‘mother’”. Uh-ho!

We totally understand your plight, dear mommy of Winston and Viraaj. And we are totally with you! ‘Coz what’s weight got to do with Mommy’s love, right? What’s your take on this, BollywoodLifers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • bunty

    i think Celina look gorgeous. If you gain weight people have problem if youre in shape also problem. Please get a life man.

  • sadia

    yea so true … they always hav problems ….its jus too much.
    i am from Hong Kong and here the Chinese mums r so slim n trim after giving birth and thts also in 2-3 months….
    i think Celina looks gr8 n yea there nth to do wid anything. she is a mum n thts the fact but the fact is also thts so looks gr8 n jus wow. her sons r gona love her.
    n plz u all stop all this now…ash is fat n u guys hav problems and celina is fit then even u guys hav problems….

  • Bhavna

    I think she looks gorgeous. She deserves to look as hot as she is.
    Good Luck Celina Jaitley and you are a great mother.