Is Daisy Shah more than just a co-star to Salman Khan?

We heard stories about Sallu miyaan taking long and intimate walks with his Jai Ho co-star while they shooting for the film. Looks like their bond has only grown stronger since then…

Salman Khan is one actor who has been linked with almost all his heroines. So we weren’t surprised when rumours about him and Daisy Shah getting too close on the sets of their film Jai Ho started doing the rounds. We dunno whether love is in the air for Salman and his new protégé Daisy but the former is quite protective – actually overprotective about the latter one. Why do we say so, you ask? Recently, the Dabangg Khan went out of his way to make sure Daisy was comfortable while the babe was giving interviews to the media. That’s not all. We have also learnt that the superstar would even prompt his co-star to give the correct answer. Awww that’s sweet na?

It seems Khan wants his leading lady to keep the best foot forward while interacting with the press. In fact, when SK found a streak of Daisy’s hair out of place, the interviewer was stopped till the debutant actor tied up her hair nicely. Well, if this grapevine is true then we certainly think there is something beyond friendship between these two. But at the same time, Salman has always been a caring co-star so it’s hard to figure out what’s brewing. Bollywoodlifers, you tell us, is something cooking here?