Is Daisy Shah the new Katrina Kaif in Salman Khan’s life?

Is Daisy Shah the new Katrina Kaif in Salman Khan’s life?

The Jai Ho co-stars are getting up close and personal with each other, at least that’s what the grapevine suggests

Daisy Shah, who made her grand Bollywood debut opposite Salman Khan in Jai Ho has seem to found a special place in Dabangg Khan’s heart. Salman hosted a small party at his Bandra residence on Wednesday night. Interestingly, Daisy was also present at this do along with Sallu’s ex-girlfriend Sangeeta Bijlani. We wonder, why the other heroine of Jai Ho – Sana Khan was not present at the star’s get-together.

According to the gossip mills, Daisy has been trying very hard to impress the Kick hero and that Ms Shah is a frequent visitor on the sets of Sallu’s upcoming film. Now, this is something, isn’t it? The fact that Elli Avram is still waiting for a film with the Dabangg Khan and this debutante babe has managed to get another film opposite SK in her Kitty, impressive haan?

Now, all of this makes us wonder, if Salman has finally found his love in Daisy. BollywoodLifers, do you think Daisy is the next Katrina Kaif in Salman’s life?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • rajeshujade


  • cute kat

    daisy shah cannot be compared with katrina as she is too ugly and hard to digest

  • khushi

    Kat ki jagah koi nahi le Sakta. Bollywood me to kya kahi par bhi nahi. Katrina kaif the most beautiful girl in the world…

  • Mahnoor

    I like Daisy , but she can’t be compared to Katrina

  • Sweety Mastura

    if his happy then go shes quiet pretty

  • Malenna Corredor

    Iulia Vantur was also present in that get together. I am clueless how Salman is playing his cards…

    • mihir

      salman is the hugh hefner of india having a haerem of girl friends .

  • Sundar

    Enough of daisy crap. She is gelling with him for a role as no one wud offer her one after jai ho. Enough of her vanity van affair. It’s high time she gets a reality check and returns back to Kannada films. By the way which second film did she get? Omg I didn’t speak much last time but I will start a NO DAISY campaign this time. Salman can help her in many ways and not in films please… us this crap.

  • Padmini

    Please don’t compare elli with daisy. Elli is 1000 times better than her. Daisy is crap gelling with sallu to get roles. It’s high time salman woke up. Liked elli in bigg boss. I wanted to walk out of the theatre when I watched her in jai ho. Please save us.

  • Oliver Frensky

    I would fuck that bitch until my balls sink in to my body.

  • srk rocks

    Bhaitards bhabhi mubarak ho. Read a peice of gossip , she walked out of sallus van wearing his used extra large shirt . Lol… salman ne kafi bhari bharkam hath mara hai … lol