Is Deepika Padukone following Katrina Kaif’s footsteps?

Posted Wed, March 12, 2014 1:14pm IST

The Dhoom:3 babe and Chennai Express star are no best buddies, but these Bollywood babes have somethings in common

Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif have something in common apart from Ranbir Kapoor, both these beauties are god fearing people. While Katrina visits the the Ajmer Sharif durgah before every release, Ms Padukone too is a common sight at Mumbai’s famous Siddhivinayak temple. That’s not it we couldn’t help but find Kat in Dippy recently when the actor visited Golden temple, Amritsar along with her mommy. Deepika who had a great 2013 with four hits in her kitty decided to thank the almighty for showering her with success. The Happy New Year babe was spotted in a white salwar kameez, that gave us a dejavu feeling. Haven’t we seen Katrina Kaif in a similar avatar during her numerous visits to durgahs.

Ms Padukone certainly enjoyed some time off from her busy schedule and starry company, she said, “I don’t want to leave this place and it seems the almighty is around me.”

With films like Kochadaiiyaan, Happy New Year and Finding Fanny Fernandes in pipeline, we’re sure that the actor wants her successful stint to continue this year too (by the grace of God).

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  • najatlovekiss

    deepika should learn how to be her self, but i think if she is doing it for God then is ok, we all love God,

  • unknown

    how can you say that go to temple is following ones footsteps!

  • resonableguy

    Tomorrow if Katrina goes to toilet first….you will say everyone is following her……

  • unknown

    dp and kat include in one article, specily both compare that time disscus ratio is powerful than others news! so this site forcely join them for any fake news for more readers n news!

  • ganga

    Even dp had gone to ajmeer shareej before cocktail release. She had asked for mannat , only after that her movies started to become hit . Dp is a copy cat .from dressing sense everything she used to copy . Only recently she started to work on herself than blindly copying . But still she copys a lot other outfits .

  • Manpreet

    miss despo deepika… poor soul!

  • ABC

    so DP is with Ranveer-.- so now we will lose again a Hindu girl she will become a Sikh! Shame on you deepika! you slut..

    • unknown

      Pls get your facts right, Ranveer is not Sikh…

      • Dhruvi

        Yup true. And even if he was not Hindu then it should not be a problem. India is a democratic country. Anybody can follow any religion. So shut the hell up ABC.

  • unknown

    Oh pls, Deepika is way more talented and has style. People generally wear white to holy places, seriously you guys can just leave her alone. Deepika is a better actress than Kat.

  • Sha

    Can this site get any more narrow minded?! I mean, they’re both ladies going to pray, how is that copying anyone?
    I know you gossip sites do this for the controversy but this is plain stupid….

    • Dhruvi

      So true Sha. This site should be banned. It’s such a typical gossip rag.

  • Sudheer Yadav


  • sana khan

    katrina is 10000000000000000000000000000000 times better than deepika