Is Deepika Padukone missing Ranbir Kapoor?

IS Deepika Padukone missing Ranbir Kapoor?

Recently, Dippy said something which made us wonder if she’s missing her relationship with ex-flame Ranbir

Deepika Padukone might not be addressing her relationship status publicly but the Bollywood beauty has confessed that she is completely ruled by her heart. Padukone, 28, who has been linked to her co-stars multiple times, said being in a relationship is the most important thing for her.

“I am completely ruled by my heart, not just relationship-wise but choosing films also comes straight from my heart. For me, being in a relationship is very important. I think I can speak on behalf of most women that they feel complete when they are in a relationship,” she said.

“But it has to be a beautiful relationship – a relationship that encourages you and makes you a better person. If it pulls you down or you start becoming someone that you are not, it is not a place to be in. And I have been in both,” Padukone added.

When asked to comment on her relationship with Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela co-star Ranveer Singh, Padukone said, “I think I am at a stage where I don’t want to rush into something. For a young girl like me, it’s very important to get to know someone; maybe it also comes from the fact that I didn’t want to go through heartache again and you want to be sure about the person that you eventually land up with.”

The Cocktail star was in a serious relationship with actor Ranbir Kapoor, but the couple split after dating for one year. Despite her personal life, Padukone is on a career high after giving back-to-back hits with Cocktail, Race 2, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Chennai Express and Ram-Leela.

The actor does not think she has a set formula when deciding on a film, but she says she follows her heart while choosing a script.

“I don’t think success for me has a particular formula. I think success comes from following your heart, believing in yourself and being the person you want to be versus being someone that you are expected to be. I don’t think you are living an honest life if you are doing that,” she said.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Abc

    DragQueen Miss Despo!! She has no selfrespect poor.. now I feel so sad for she is still crying over Ranbir awwwwwwwwwwww

  • najatlovekiss

    i real don’t understand her, why she always talk about ranbir like ranbir is the most bad man in the world, and what about her other ex’s?like
    Upen Patel
    , 2006 – 2007, Siddharth Mallya,, 2010-2012, , and now, Ranveer Singh, i think she should be careful with her relationships choose, like the way she chose her movies,

    • unknown

      no one call ranbir is “bad man”. did you know ranbir girlfriend list?

      • najatlovekiss

        ranbir is a man, and men can date more then women, so do you mean if ranbir have dated 1000′s of women so she also should date 1000′s of men? and no body no her list of men she have dated, all the time she talk like she only dated ranbir and no others, that is a cheap talks for me, she should get over it already, ranbir is happy so she should be happy and stop talking, ranbir doesn’t care about her anymore, the more she talk about him the more she look cheap and desperate, i feel bad for her,

        • unknown

          in article where she say she is missing rk?and men have rights to date lots of women? when this rule made? dp is happy in her life.pls dont care about her.

          • najatlovekiss

            and who say i care,

  • green

    Desperate women . She is full of vengence towards ranbir coz thats the only guy who dumped deepika . I have a feeling soon she will even dump ranveer. Ranveer is just per convince , like a toy boy for deepika . She dosnt have any respect towards him

  • sonit

    You’re right when you say there’s no need to rush it…you’ll find your prince charming soon :)

    • Rahman

      THE RUN OF MIL GUY .?.

  • punjabi

    Abb duniya kia kare ke isko peer veeee!!! She had so many bfs its disgusting as girl i think she is making a bigg mistake by having this frienda with benefit thing image kharab hega eda! I mean she cheated on nihaar pandey i think thats his name..and she should stop this ranbir using thing! She is thinking this will work and it will but only for 1year and all positiv thinking people will start hate at her! Poor despo.. padukone

  • SharamDaKata

    Miss Despo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • unknown

    in this article where she said she is missing someone?

  • cliory

    don’t think so…….aftr all true love comes only once in life irrespect of numerous affairs…may deeps had loved him truly…….and others just to forget the true one……….its very complicated guys…as you just can’t replace position of any one in your heart..rather than create a new one in it……hope she will soon recover from it… and stop hurrying up for a relationship ( good decision)as she mentioned in her article…and live a damn gud life like anybody else…….