Is Deepika Padukone more desirable than Katrina Kaif?

Is Deepika Padukone more desirable than Katrina Kaif?

The Ramleela actor has been crowned the ‘people’s queen’ by a popular online poll conducted recently, beating Katrina Kaif

Deepika Padukone is everywhere. The dimpled beauty is like an unstoppable gale force that has taken the world of Bollywood by a storm with her elegant charm. From the silver screen to the covers of leading glossies to meaty endorsements, Dippy is making her starry presence felt everywhere. And now, according to a recent survey conducted online, the leggy lass has been declared a winner yet again – as the most searched-for actress across various search engines, toppling Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in one swift stroke.

Dippy already has a string of such achievements under her haute belt, including World’s Sexiest Woman (FHM), Most Desirable Woman (TOI), Most Fashionable Star (Filmfare) and now, with the most searched-for actress online poll, she has left the public enchanted, for sure. With a smile that lights up the silver screen and eyes that leave all who look into them mesmerised, Deepika’s recent hat-trick – of superhit films and titles – has increased the already wide gap between her and her rivals. Acting skills that are ever improving, three record-breaking hits in a year, stunning looks and devotedly crazy fans… this Bollywood actress truly has it all.

Looks like after garnering great reviews for her performance in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Chennai Express the elegant lady is looking forward to up her bar with Ramleela and Kochaidaiyaan. And the magical touch of Rajinikanth will only boost Dippy’s career!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • kat

    yep dipps is no 1 way to go girl. she is beautiful, talented and botox-free

  • Tithi

    Don’t talk rubbish.kat is the best,deepika isn’t desirable than kat.she is just a long tree.there’s nothing in her.i just hate dippy-RUBBISH

    • Milan

      Man, the KKK is VERY active!

    • dumdum

      u go on hating deepi n i will keep loving her ….u thinkkat has goog figure in reality ..? dont joke around …

    • Natasha

      IKR I HATE deepika too

      • Maya GIll

        support plastic expressionless barbie doll over REAL INDIAN TALENT.

    • piya

      To all katrina lovers..let us first remember that she is NOT an Indian. she doesnt feel proud to call herself an Indian. then y should we give her so much of respect in r country??
      she is jst embarrased to be in Indian crowd and is jst using this land to pormote herself to other countries like uk.
      she used salman-the great salman bhai to becum famous. now she is using ranbir for money and family name- kapoor
      she is just an useless and LIFELESS walking stick with no respect for the country which gave her soooo much.
      deepika is the best actress boollywood has had.
      she is beautiful she can act she has emotions
      she has respect for bollywood and INDIA

      • tenzin lhamo

        haha u are funny…u should try out for comedy shows..u r doing a gr8 job…can’t stop laughing

    • desigirl424

      jealous much?

  • Rupanti

    Are you mad?? None is better than kat. And you are talking about deepika,the tall giant?Don’t make fun to say dippy is more desirable than kat.kat is the best of all time

  • Trisha

    only doing great films one can’t be popular.dippy is not so popular.she isn’t the desirable girl.kat is the best

    • Maya Gill

      Ofcourse Deeps is popular. kat is expressionless plastic barbie doll. Deepika is natural Indian beauty and talent. if you think kat is better then there must be something wrong with you. the entire film industry knows that Deepika is a better actor than expressionless barbie doll

  • Johnson

    I hate deepika:-@ my friends also hate her.I love only kat.

    • rahul

      you are mad dippy is the best you fools.and that katrina she is mad

    • Maya Gill

      you only love plastic beauty, white skin over natural Indian beauty and talent

  • Mahi

    Don’t compare deepika with katrina. Kat is the most desirable

    • Maya Gill

      lol! only gullible people like you would say so. kat is expressionless, cant act, plastic. shame on you for supporting untalented foreigners cuz of their skin colour over true Indian Talent.

  • Tit

    What a joke :-P :-D

  • taiba

    I hate deepika…….what rubbish acting huh……all thanks to ranbir kapoor n srk…………
    She is a black cat lack all beauty……..
    In my list she is top from the bottom

    • sdr

      that katrina is just like a cat her name is also kat

  • Nicole

    Look haters are gonna hate but Deepika is #1 for several reasons 1) she is gorgeous, 2) talented, 3) personable 40 she doesn’t some off as full of herself like many of the others*cough* cough* Kat. It’s sad because I like Ranbir bit the longer he is with Kat the harder it is for me to like him. I still like his movies though. Back to Dippy, she deserves the title and I am sure she won’t let it go to her head. Deepika rocks!!!!

  • Sonyia

    Deepika has always been better than all actresses and will always remain number 1! And I quote “actress” not an emotionless stupid statue like Katrina! katrian is stupid.. People only like her cause of her fake lips lol deepika has natural beauty and talent.

  • sang

    looks lik everybody interested in foreign tall tree.let it b,public knows who is sexy and talented.just having white face doesn’t reflect the talent,it should b indeed by birth and deeps do hav it.

  • sangu

    just having white face don’t reflect talent.
    dips thums up 4 u

  • Haawa

    yessss!! obviously deepika is more beautiful, gorgeous and stunning then oppinion only tho. don’t attack.

    • nabin

      katria is very beautyful tha dipika

      • Maya Gill

        u must prefer plastic, untalented people over real talent and real/natural beauty.

  • Maya Gill

    Lol!! kat’s pr working over!! Wonder why peoe would be jealous of an expressionless barbire doll!! She is only surviving in films cuz of her looks! Shes pretty that’s it wheras Deepika is the current Queen of Bollywod!! Beauty, Brains and Talent as well!! Barbie doll fans are burning

  • Saman

    Katrina Kaif is mediocrity personified. However much the KKK (Katrina Kaif Klan) would like to insist otherwise her lack of talent is universally recognized.

    If that is what it takes for someone to be desirable then I am deeply disappointed. I could never desire anyone without talent.

  • neha

    Dp is best.she is much more talented and beautiful then kat.and that’s why she is voted as most desirable by peoples

  • aakriti

    no doubt…deepika is far more better than katrina…

  • neha

    Of course dp is much more desirable and beautiful then Kat.dp is best

  • Mayanka D

    Katrina Kaif is pretty but she is not much more than that. After a decade or so in Bollywood more people than not would agree with me.

    Deepika is ravishingly beautiful and full of spirit. Totally desirable.

  • Dalia

    Katrina is crowned the world’s sexiest 2013 by FHM…there is an error in the article and by the way where is the news that Deepika is the most searched actress..we haven’t read any such article nor have found any results in Google search on this.
    Deepika is paying her PR to spread such rumors so that she can stay in gossip…
    There is no denying the fact that Katrina is more beautiful,desirable and sensuous along with being an intelligent woman.
    Deepika can act better than Katrina because she is Indian and is much more well versed with Hindi but she is too huge and skeletal.

  • Sebastian

    Deepika Padukone is outrageously beautiful. And her beauty goes beyond looks.

  • riti

    Get ur facts right before posting …Kat has won the worlds most sexiest by fhm and most searched female celebrity in india by google 2013…

  • Mitali

    Deepika is anytime more beautiful, talented and charming than miss stone faced katrina kaif

  • Ann

    Ha ha! I have news for all of you Kat fans in this thread…Looks will fade and are already starting to for buddhi Kat, which is why she is resorting to cosmetic surgery.Lip Fillers to make her lips bigger and cheek fillers to give her puffy cheeks (remember Ek Tha Tiger)…will only last so long and looks weird..Kat does not represent India or an Indian beauty..Madhuri would come close to this title in the last generation..but for the current generation Deepika has it all, yes, she is darker tan Kat but then so is the average Indians, but she has stunning features and she is getting better and better with each role. I can NEVER imagine Kat as Naina Talwar or Meenamma or especially Leela..So..STFU you losers!

    • shr

      true !! deepika is the best .. true indian beauty !!!

  • Jasmine

    Lets talk again in 5 years when plastic Kat looks even more aged and has had so much surgery she ends up looking like an alien..Looks will only get you so far in this fickle industry but talent will last and I can’t see Kat with much of that except in dancing and western roles perhaps..

  • Freda

    Katrina is typical Caucasian girl look, where else deepika is what you call Indian beauty.


    Katrina is more desirable than deepika no doubt. Kat is more beautiful & Sexy.

  • neha

    Offcourse Deepika is much more desirable then Kat .she is complete package beautiful ,talented,smart,sweet and great person.etc

  • zohir zio

    katrina kaif is the best

  • zohir zio

    katrina is the best

  • Freda

    What talent does Katrina have? she can’t event speak proper Hindi, she just have her Caucasian look that help her make it in India cinema.

  • kamel scormix

    i like katrina but i love sharukh khan

  • kamel scormix

    i like katrina but ilove sharukh khan

  • KB

    I see same person wrote many negative comments about DP under several names lol I guess they needed to after the reality check!!!! Truth is, Kat is who she is because of one and only Salman Khan. Girl can’t act, she looks whatever. DP on the other hand made CE biggest grosser…..17 members of my family attest to that… I don’t know why typical male dominated society of ours is giving even slight credit to SRK about it. Anyways, DP is gorgeous, talented, graceful, and more than anything she is soooo real. Not afraid to be who she is, say what is in her mind…she relates to girl next door with her charm and honesty.

  • rati

    Dp is best don’t compare her with that Kat.dp is a versatile actress and she is much more beautiful,hardworking and gorgeous then Kat and also a nice person.

  • ss

    I don’t like any talentless and plastic beauty… i prefer any talented and natural beauty and that is Deepika .so for me dp is much more desirable then that talentless kat


    yuppp…cmpletely aggree…..Dippy…is d natural beauty…:)
    her dimples are so adorable…n d way she carries herslf…aww…juzz amazing…whereas kat iz olso pretty….bt is ol fake.(actually her lips n nose)…n she luks lyk a manequin…

  • jamaya

    how can u guys compare deepika with fakerr katrina kaif. she has nothing but ugly fake lip

  • amna ali

    i think both r good

  • krishna yadav

    Don’t compare deepika with katrina kai.katrina kaif is no.1 actress and she was soooooooooo beautiful in the world. Katrina is the best always.katrina is no.1 beautiful in the world

  • pat

    obviously Deepika is more desirable than Katrina Kaif. She is beautiful, elegant, gorgeous and a better actor than Katrina. Katrina can hardly act and has plastic face.

  • sdr

    deepika is a natural beauty whereas katrina is a surgery ugly girl
    i luv deepika she is the most beautiful and desireable actress in bollywood
    i hate katrina she is a witch

  • ali

    deepika is the bestest of all time. she is ruling the bollywood. katrina is nothing but an untalented actress with stupid way of talking and gets popular by showing off her dirty dancing skills. deepika has got everything she is a versatile actress, mesmerizingly gorgeous and above all she can act not like katrina who gets in top charts by doing item numbers or by showing off her looks. in my view anushka is far better than karina as well on basis of acting. in JTHJ katrina was lookin like a joker. so deepika is the bestest actress who is smart, talented,can dance and is stunning.

  • far

    kat is a b*tch… I love deepika she beautiful, natural, talented… kat might be light in colour but she is so fake too… deepika is one of my favourite actors in Bollywood… she is a true beauty an she is lovely too… I love you deepika

  • anon

    for all the haters of deepika: Deepika is the most stylish and one of the most “natural” beauties.. she is gorgeous and also a commendable actor who has made it big in bollywood without any godfather.. unlike katrina who is full of surgeries, who has used salman khan to get noticed in bollywood, purposely leaked the ibiza vacation pics wid ranbir just to steal the limelight from deepika and ranbir’s successful pair in YJHD..her expressions in any situation are same.. her sense of style is still that of a girl who is trying to look young than she really is which is awful.. normal girls look better than katrina “woodenfaced” kaif

  • Bipul

    Deeps is now looking sexy these days no doubt but Kat is desirable more at any time

  • pooja

    Katrina is wayyy more beautiful and prettier than deepika….
    Deepika iz just an about average luking Indian girl…There r many more prettier gals than diipppy in India. If u visit Manglore or Coorg in Karnataka u will find so many beautiful gals or Marathi or Tamil Brahmin gals who r extremely beautiful n feminine. Dippy iz too huge and has quite dark skin tone n lips, though her actin has improved over d years. But e1 though Kat iz not from India, she has immense amount of talent when u watch rajneeti, Nmastey London, Welcum, Sing iz king, Ek tha Tiger to name a few. She has proved herself time n again wid her films and her box office success. So she doesn’t need 2 prove herself to anyone. People just luv her when she comes onscreen. And her BEAUTY is out of this world. She is extyremely GORGEOUS!!! and still a very down 2 earth person. Luv u Katrina…..

    • Maya Giil

      just cuz Deeps has brown skin ddoes not make her look ugly you retard. kat is so woodenfaced, ugly, plastic, exprssionless. Deeps is natural beauty. kat used to be beautiful before her plastic surgery. Sri, Madhuri, Juhi, Ash, Kareena, Karishma, Shraddha, Sonam, Sonakshi are considered beauty, not kat.

  • preesha

    deepika is very goregeous,talented and i like deepika,i love her all movies,,deepika is so beautiful and cool

  • james


  • zainab

    it will always be deepika as she is the best n cat is just a little brat

  • rajan

    well both are good but deepika is more talennted than katrina….katrina lawys work with superstars her indivisual film won’t go well…but deepika work with new faces like ranvir singh,,,ranveer kapoor etc and make her fame….and katrina doesn’t know fair acting…but katrina is more curvy than by figure

  • faith

    First of all, if you people are really considering acting, then both Katrina and Deepika lack the talent.

    Secondly, if you people are considering beauty, it is so obvious that Katrina Kaif if better.

    Thirdly, you guys can’t judge someone’s personality. Mind it, you haven’t met them personally.

    Why are you all fighting? And… of course, the facts mentioned in this article are a bit wrong BUT be content with all the success your favourite actresses are getting instead of fighting each other.

    If you ask me, CE was famous because of the never-ending promotion of Shahrukh Khan (Though I am a huge fan of Shahrukh Khan, but I hated CE because DP and SRK both over-acted)

    Whereas, YJHD wasn’t a good movie as well.

    If we take Katrina’s movie, then Jab Tak Hai Jaan was obviously better, but again, the brand name was added to the movie, and ETT was just an okay movie.

    Both of them should do a woman-centric movie and then only we can actually tell who is the winner! Right?

    Moreover, I am a big fan of Katrina, and I think that she has actually improved a lot. She is not a native speaker of India. And why are Indians such hypocrite? They say that they hate Katrina because she can’t speak hindi on the other hand, they promote english language in each and every field, and look down upon the people who can’t even speak english correctly.

  • alisha

    yeah we will see that when katrina will beat deepika when dhoom 3 releases, deepika should not fly 2 much because there are many who can cut her wings.

  • anya

    yeah we will see that when katrina will beat deepika when dhoom 3 releases.

  • tenin lhamo

    katrina kaif is way more desirable than deepika padukone…kat is more glamorous, more beautiful and far more talented than any other actresses in bollywood

  • kwon yoona

    katrina kaif was the queen of bollywood and nobody can replace her

  • lee chaein

    katrina kaif is far more desirable than deepika padukone…katrina has been in this industry for a long time now and knows what to do and not…well deepika lost all my respect when she came to koffee with karan

  • Neeta

    Deepika is beautiful. But Katrina has the best of both worlds in looks which makes her so attractive. (u all keep ignoring the fact that she more indian than british, since her father is indian). U all should mind what u post & insinuate. Katrina has never had plastic surgery. She loves being indian that’s why she is there u morons.

  • rituparna

    obviously,deepu is more desirable,,she is the best in bollywood..



    • Amal

      shut up ofcourse Katrina is much much more desirable than deepika.

      • soniya4953

        I agree with you amal. Im happy to find a fan for Katrina Kaif.Me and you can kill the Depika fans

        • dplover

          Only u 2???? Brats u r totally fools!!!! Deepika is the most desirable women and she will be like that in future too

      • fan

        U will only say that

  • Jenny

    deepika is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! b****katrnia has used salman khan and now is using ranbir kapoor

    • Rohini Verma

      Of course Katrina is stupid. She is using Ranbir for her own career
      Ranbir is much better than her thank god he is not marrying her.
      I hate Katrina she is so cunning she gives that sweet smile that conditions viewers to think she is innocent, but I’m sorry she is so far from being innocent. She is not even Indian

  • priya khan

    Dee pika is the best. I hate katrina.

  • sydasamzakir

    Deepika has 8 supr dopr flopped film while kat
    has only 4.u could suggest who is betr?I hate deepika b/c of her dul blak color while kat is naturaly beautyful. infact du 2 flopnes of film few cheap ppls support her 2 raise again which not possible. also deepika isn’t able 2 beat in beauty contest against kat.

    • DphateKat

      Natural beauty……katrina hahaa dont make me laugh again and again by saying that!!! She is fully made of plastic!!!! U r all dumbs and making fun of natural beauty queen deepika!!! Kat is a botox plastic factory!!!! Dont tell about her hit films!!!! It was only because of her heros not because of her very untalented acting!!!! She can only dance not act!!! She is only better for songs like shiela chikni or kamli!!! Deepika can act well eventhough she had flop movies!!!! Tell ur katrina to act in a movie on her own without any super hero actors i.e a female oriented movie like piku, TWMR,queen,mary kom,mardaani etc!!! Then now we can watch whether she could take a success on her own shoulders before blaming deepika who is faaaar faar better in acting and glamour than ur good for only dancing and seducing fatrina

      • priya khan

        Plastic is better than deepika

  • sydasamzakir

    I hate stupid deepika.

    • lovedeepika

      I hate stupid katrina

  • deepika fans club

    All kat fans BEWARE!!!! Deepika is going to rock the floor more than kat

  • priya khan

    Katrina is more disirable than this cheapika and flopika