Is Deepika Padukone paying a price for being successful?

Is Deepika Padukone paying a price for being successful?
Yogen Shah

She is undoubtedly the reigning queen of Bollywood and every filmmaker wants to work with the talented actor. But looks like Deepika’s growing popularity and success hasn’t gone too well with her contemporaries

Last year, Deepika Padukone had a dream run at the box office. The dusky beauty delivered four back-to-back blockbusters in 2013 that entered the Rs 100 crore club. In fact, her romantic comedy Chennai Express co-starring Shahrukh Khan went on to break many box office records and raked in more than Rs 200 crore, making it one of the biggest grossers of all time. The Cocktail babe has managed to achieve a feat which is not easy to surpass wethinks. Looking at her success rate in 2013, it would be safe to say that Ms Padukone even left behind the three ruling Khans of Bollywood in the rate race – Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir, hai na? So it’s not surprising that Dippy has swept away all the awards this year. But it seems DP is slowly paying the price for being at the top of the success ladder. Haven’t you heard the phrase ‘When you’re on top, you’re alone. Well, that’s the case with Ranveer Singh’s alleged girlfriend.

We hear few B-town beauties (read: rivals) have decided not to share their designer with the Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela actor. While talking to a tabloid, a source said, “They don’t acknowledge her anymore. Some have even told their dress designers to stop designing for her.” Though Deepika said on Koffee with Karan 4 that she is friends with her contemporaries Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif, we are glad that her close pal Priyanka Chopra was there to burst her bubble. But we wonder if PeeCee is also one of the heroines who is against sharing her designer? After all, everything is possible in love, war and Bollywood, no?

In fact, Anushka, Kat, Sonam Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan are also Dippy’s contemporaries so it could be anyone or all of them, we dunno. But one thing is for sure – nobody can take away Deepika’s talent and she is here to stay!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • deepika

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    • Dia

      You need to see a doctor. Jealousy is the worst kind of emotion, it destroys you from within.

  • Katrina Vactoria

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    • Savithri

      You have absolutely no self respect. She will not be affected by your hatred. She is above you.

      • irabanta

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    • Salman

      I feel sorry for this person who is full of rot. He is the only one who’s suffering from the venom he is producing.

  • Sandesh

    Beautiful Deeps.

  • najatlovekiss

    but i thought Katrina had the height movies of 2013, 500, which will take years before someone will cross it, nobody is jealous of deepika, if she is here to stay so do her contemporaries

    • deepika_foreverandalways

      LOL PLEASE. Katrina was in like 4 scenes in the entire movie and was there as a prop as she basically danced, said 2-3 dialogues the entire movie was about aamir so katrina had no part in dhoom 3′s success. Deepikas talent and hardwork speaks for itself.

      • najatlovekiss

        you are a joke, even if she is in for 1 mint she is still part of the movie, it was not for free the pay her to do it, get a life

        • Maddy93

          Is this legitimately your argument to defend Katrina’s supposed “success”? Wow, I knew Katrina fans were delusional and now I get why they seem so crazy – they have senseless logic.

  • Jatti786

    Kali jungli billi!! Her pr need some rest….
    I hate her kali face yakkhhh..

    • ^Hater

      It’s amazing how you come up with different names to make negative comments about Deepika. As an Indian you should be ashmed of yourself for calling Deepika “Kali.” Majority of Indians are darker toned. It seems like you worship white skin a lot, since your obsessed with Katrina and keep referring to Deepika based on her skin color. I guess getting freedom from British was a complete waste of time then, since, you seem the type who is willing to be a slave of a white person. It’s Katrina who is laughing all the way to the bank by using you “White Worshipers.” She has no talent and everyone in industry always ranks her at the bottom, in terms of talent. Only weapon she uses are people like you, who lust over her body and her skin. In another word, you are the sore loser and Katrina is the winner. Thanks to people like you other Indians girls with superior talent can’t make it because all of you are obsessed with white skin and white people…therefore director hiring Katrina and other white girls..

  • shakuntela

    HAHA so true Kalinaat deepika and her crazy pr

  • jamez

    but still her dressing is outstanding!!
    she s the most beautyful woman , that world says.. jalne wale ka munn kala!!

    • najatlovekiss

      she dress like hollywood stars, she sometimes dress like kim k, she should be real to her so call fans

  • Asvajit

    Utterly lovely. May she continue to soar.

  • sbrentbill

    Why would anyone want to be mean to my beautiful Deeps? Jealousy is always around the corner.

    • shakuntela

      ahaan jealous of her skin or what hahahaha.. of her muft ki pr? of what bitch of what??

  • Rashmi

    It happens with everyone who reaches top… Especially in a man eating man world of bollywood…But dont worry Deeps, ur fans are always with U, now n forever..<3

  • Noora Khan

    Deepika is the most beautiful Indian heroine. To me she looks so much like Waheeda Rehman. Who cares what she wears we are here to witness her acting. I personally feel most of these bollywood heroines are clumsily dressed even the male heroes. They wear so much gaudy colors. Horrible sense of dressing in spite if having Designers. Sorry guys. The sense of dressing of most these actors are just pathetic.

  • pragya

    Deepika is a nice actor but Priyanka is the best then Katrina and Anushka