Is Deepika Padukone replacing Katrina Kaif as Salman Khan’s favourite heroine?

Is Deepika Padukone replacing Katrina Kaif as Salman Khan’s favourite heroine?
Yogen Shah

Katrina could have starred alongside Sallu miyaan in Kabir Khan’s next but we hear Ms Padukone might play Sallu’s leading lady. Looks like the Dhoom:3 babe is no longer Dabangg Khan’s favourite

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s prem kahaani ended a long time ago but the two have always shared a cordial relationship. Even after parting ways, the two came together for Kabir Khan’s spy thriller Ek Tha Tiger which was a blockbuster. That’s not all! The Jai Ho star has always maintained that Kat will remain his friend forever. So it’s strange that Salman won’t team with Ms Kaif again for Kabir’s next, hai na? What’s even more puzzling is the fact that Katrina is one of Kabir Khan’s favoruite heroines and is currently shooting for his action flick Phantom. Yet Deepika Padukone is being considered for his next film. Apparently, the Being Human star doesn’t want to work with ex-girlfriend and hence Dippy may end up bagging Kabir’s movie.

Last year, the bhai of Bollywood was reportedly offered a romantic thriller alongside Katrina but SK tuned down the offer. Looks like Salman wants to maintain safe distance for Ranbir Kapoor’s alleged ladylove at least professionally, no? Though rumours are floating in the gossip world that Sallu still looks out for Kat, it seems the actor isn’t ready to share screen space with his former flame. We all know bhai can forgive but never forget, maybe the Kick actor is yet to digest the fact that his KK left him for RK.

Or who knows maybe DP, who is currently in demand with most filmmakers, is now Salman’s favourite too. After all, she is reigning queen of Bollywood and we all know what achieved last year. Well, whatever the reason it’s a win-win situation for the Cocktail babe, no?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Saira Ahmed

    Deepika <3

  • ganga

    Very very good , katrina should get no big banner stupid movies only then she would select good scripts with good meaty roles than showing skin in 15 min role .

    • Iman Ali

      u like to see black skin with full loaded makeup for 3 hours so backward. katrina is a big superstar her 15min performance beats deepika’s four films . katrina most powerful actress ever .lov u kat w8ng for ur next beegies phantom n bang bang n fitoor

      • unknown

        black skin also a beauty. which percentage you have white skin? katrinas acting is horrible. watch jabtakhaijan. in d3 where is her acting? whatever but finaly kat is actor and she needs skill. and expression!

  • khushi

    Kat hamesha salman ki fav hai,thi aur hamesha rahegi. Katrina is the best…

  • Raj Kumar Yadav

    Salman-Deepika will be an exciting pair for a Kabir Khan film… Katrina is already working with Kabir in Phantom..Besides, there is a possibility that Katrina will be a part of ETT 2.

    • Iman Ali

      katrina should be in ayan mukherjie’s next with ranbir kapoor. n salman dont want busy actress like cheapika padukone

  • Rohini Verma

    I hate Katrina

    • Riya Khan

      Get lost to all katrina haters

      • Rohini Verma

        If you like her that’s fine. You can’t link Ranbir with her. They broke up end of story!

        • roozi

          they r best couple

          • Rohini Verma

            No they are not! They broke up end of story! This whole holidaying in Sri Lanka is not even true.

          • milan227

            Wait… when did they break up?

          • Rohini Verma

            They broke up a month ago

      • unknown

        if deepika have haters why katrina’s fans can’t accept that katrina have haters. get lost deepika’s haters.

        • roozi

          oOoOoO JEAlous people

          • unknown

            jealous for what? simply say that if deepika have haters why katrina haven’t? deepika is no.1 . why jealous i?

          • Iman Ali

            katrina is no 1. all the time deepika’s year n time has gone stupid

          • unknown

            live in present ! this is DP time. accept truth. you stupid.

    • Iman Ali

      i lve katrina soso much n hate cheapika

  • Fiiroz

    How can a guy be so lucky? It’s ridiculous,I am so jealous now,feel like crying..

  • Fiiroz

    Like the Toblerone Chocolate line,I say,why replace?”Indulge in a love triangle’, I meant a movie with both the heroines.. Love fools!

  • Fakrata

    Bwaahaaaahaaaaaaaaaaa paid PR at work again.

  • maya

    if ur choice between actress and nonactress….and salman select nonactress….I say.he is very’s very difficult to salman to act with actress like’s good.

  • Simran

    I hope katrina get this oppurtunity… doubt deepika gaved 4 hit films In 2013…..but see 2013 is only lucky fr her…. d now real box-office queen is back at the silver screen…….so I can choose katrina over deepika…..

    • Iman Ali

      yaah man katrina is queen 4ever

  • sarah

    deepika is always the best!
    the most dedicated actreee!!
    proud to be her fan!

    • wywy

      Would u say the same thing if reminded about karthik calling karthik, break k baad, desi boys, houseful, etcccccccccccccccccccc

  • Mahnoor

    i dont mind who salman has deepika or katrina if theyre both in his film it would be a wicked hit

  • Nitisha

    Agar priyanka ko role mil raha hota toh bhi yeh deepika hi name dalte

  • U or me

    Deepika mein aisa toh Kuch bhi nahi hai Katrina is better than this cheap girl

  • Killer

    It should be named DEEPIKA LIFE

  • shael

    Katrina…big boobs bitch… I hate katrina. N lvu to c bhai n deepi togethr…. Luv u n yor attitude bhaijaan…

    • Iman Ali

      i hate deepiks’s boobs chote chote kale kale . no charm on face just makeup factory

  • M

    Deepika padkoune should eat shit. Fuck this bitch she is a slut _|_ fuck you all deepika’s fans. She is such a loser. Damn her. Her acting skills is baaaaaaaad. She is doesn’t know how to speak English. Bloody Indian shit. Katrina is the best you losers. Katrina kaif queen of hearts I love katrina kaif

    • Dhruvi

      Don’t judge or comment rude things about other just because they sin differently than u or your likes. Learn to respect because you have not walked in their shoes n u don’t know them.

    • unknown

      are you indian? if yes then you abused yourself. if not that you havenot any rights to abused us. live in your country and in your language.don’t judge us.and take your katina back.

  • M

    You media should eat shit losers

  • shakuntela

    damn BL. damn suckers….this deep is a whore and a slut!!
    i hate her….end of the story. btw shes now a days in every movie right cheap PR.

    • Dhruvi

      Babe first learn proper eng then criticize others. Lol.

  • Iman Ali

    Bollywood deepika’s PR n fazool baten krte hn criticism on katrina and extra exploring cheapika. kbi deepika ko aishwariya kehte hn kbi queen kehte hn to kbi khan kehte hn. deepika 2014 ki thussss actress prove o jae gi senseless actress . katrina is wise n pretty n powerful too. look at her action films people are crazy after her i have seen. sexiest women 2013 most searched n mobile Q trends heroin or celebrity n soon india’s most desireable women 2013 .