Is Deepika Padukone the best covergirl?

Fri, May 30, 2014 7:14pm IST by

Posted Fri, May 30, 2014 7:14pm IST

The leggy lass has posed for the cover of one of the most popular style magazine yet again and boy, the sudden increase in the heat certainly needs to be blamed on her

Deepika Padukone is sexy and we know it. The Happy New Year actor has posed on the cover of Vogue’s June 2014 issue and she looks smokin’ hot. Honestly, we are lost for words since we first looked at her on that cover.

DP is seen wearing a white unbuttoned boyfriend shirt over a pair of high-waist panties. This cover is something very different than all other covers featuring our B-town divas. Deepika is at her boldest while posing and there’s no escaping that seductive look on her face. Her green neckpiece will make you go green with envy. What we liked even more is the fact that the dusky siren’s makeup is natural unlike one of her previous covers in which she was looking five shades lighter.

The magazine has posted one more image in which Deepika is wearing a top knotted at the side and she’s flaunting her toned legs. She looks totally drool-worthy in both the shots. While we loved the cover, you tell us BollywoodLifers – hot or not?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Samantha

    Deepika is a goddess-pure class: true ethereal beauty, full of grace & elegance.

  • najatlovekiss

    she look ok, but sorry to say she look like a man,the true always hurt

    • rowurboat

      aren’t u the illiterate sod who has been trolling on her for some time now?

    • unknown

      in every dp article your hating comments needs???? please make your heart soft…..dear…every time not need to explore your hating comments on deepika….first thinks your heart full of hate on dp..only because of deepika is a competitor of Katrina….

      • najatlovekiss

        if deepika fans stop the bad comment on katrina i will stop., and what i said was the true, katrina never pay people to say bad things about deepika so why does deepika do that to katrina, be real

        • hamsanat

          lol, how did you know she pays people 2 write bad against your horse face katrina. Dp has plenty fans and are all defensive towards her. lazy looser like u. It must be kat who does pay u people.

          • najatlovekiss

            my dear stupid hamsanat, have you ever watch or hear anything bad from Katrina , Katrina doesn’t have time for your hoe Deepika who sleep with any man who tell her she is nice, saying she is a friend of KATRINA, how cheap for her to do so, you are very stupid and crazy to think your cheap deeepika is a good person,

          • hamsanat

            disgusting being najatlovekiss, why will I hear from kat who is secret poison,secretly snatching peoples boyfriend,tell me who is a hoe like her. Deepika must have learn from her. who takes booom girl serious any way. You are tweb and silly cocoon to think your horse katrina doesn’t have time for our dear Dp. Daughter/son of 1000 fathers.

        • amr fayez

          hhhhhhhhhh what a logic

          • najatlovekiss

            am a lady, fool

        • desigirl424

          lol! what hate on katrina? All we see is your frustration/ hate on Deepika.

        • seema

          we cant blame her guyz our deepika is sooooooooo breathtaking that even haters think about her twenty four seven.

        • arohi

          if you will stop posting pathetic comments on dp. then dp fans will also stop commenting on katrina

    • Nia

      Like to write proper English and then start making comments on others. This tells your own character

      • najatlovekiss

        am not from Uk, am from Netherlands, am a Dutch lady, fool can you teach me English, have you yourself read what you comment here, i think both me and you are not the same, so you go and learn and come back and tell me this, stupid fool,

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        • hamsanat

          your English self stinks like you. bitch. ahahahahahha,

    • seema

      should not listen to these people who are not digesting hotness of deepika.

    • arohi

      like you never saw your Katrina?? she is most manly looking heroine

  • unknown

    deepika is best…not compare to others but with your own position…hardworking and your acting ability… love you

  • Nav Ragini

    Love you BL for this lovely sneak peak. ….On the floor. ….

  • hamsanat

    Dp is too good

  • arohi

    was that the same red gown deepika was wearing at iifa2014????
    well she is looking smoking hot