Is Deepika Padukone worried that Ranveer Singh will go back to Anushka Sharma?

Is Deepika Padukone worried that Ranveer Singh will go back to Anushka Sharma?

The leggy lass seems to be finding ways to spend quality time with her alleged boyfriend or is it ‘coz she’s insecure about something?

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh share a great rapport, we’ve seen it, but is it just friendship or love? Though the two have denied being romantically involved, the duo’s crackling chemistry at recent events and award functions was enough to spill the beans. Their relationship is growing strong with every passing day and there is no denying it. And now the leggy lass seems to be finding some bahanas to be around her alleged boyfriend or is she insecure about something? Wondering what are we talking about? Well, the story goes something like this.

Apparently, Deepika is so impressed with the script of Zoya Akhtar’s next, Dil Dhadakne Do (tentative title), that she wants to be a part of the film, even if it’s a non-acting role. “I love the script so much that I am ready to work in any capacity on the film, including an assistant director (AD), but I don’t know if I can manage that,” the leggy lass was quoted by a daily.

And here is the catch. Dil Dhadakne Do stars Dippy’s alleged significant other Ranveer and her best friend Priyanka Chopra. Now all of this makes us wonder that why Dippy is so keen to be a part of this project given that she is occupied with multiple big projects like – Farah Khan’s Happy New Year with Shahrukh Khan, Homi Adajania’s Finding Fanny Fernandes with Arjun Kapoor and Shoojit Sircar’s Piku with Amitabh Bachchan and Irrfan Khan.

Is Ms Padukone finding some bahanas to spend some time with Ranveer or does she want to keep an eye on him considering Ranveer’s ex-girlfriend and Band Baaja Baraat co-star Anushka Sharma is also a part of the film? Not so long time ago, Ranveer was singing praises for his ex-flame Anushka. What more, he even defended her at an event. Has this made the commitment-phobic Deepika insecure, we wonder! What do you think peeps?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • banana

    Anushka is a girl with class i dont belive she would give him this kinda attention even of he tries.. but for sure a deepika will think like that afterall she is Miss Despo

  • Terminator

    Well deepika and ranveer the so called “friends with benefits” are desperate to show how truly they love(while their relation is pure f@ke)

    I think anushka won’t pay attention to this attention seeker and sarakchap cheap actor anymore..

    Deepika is ready to be even a assistant director shows how insecure her personality is?
    She doesn’t even hv a trust his so called beau and fears that he will go back to her ex.

    Ranveer is just a backra for her.. well hope he learns soon..

    • Aboicha

      Deepika deserves much much more better boyfriend than the TARZAN OF BOLLYWOOD
      – Ranveer Singh……Nevertheless, Deepika is the Queen of bollywood now….. so
      she deserves a more classy n mature bf like Ranbir Kapoor or some other
      else and not that immature, childish Ranveer……. Ranveer is such a waste of time for Deepika….. she should start searching for other bf…….

      • Terminator

        I hv no problem with deepika but this monkey ranveer is actually besharam n needs to be taught a lesson

        recently he was looking at priyanka’s neckline during gunday’s promotion.. he is such an attention seeker.. No doubt pc was looking extremly hot but he needs to hv a control on hmself

        The same thing happened with tanisha mukherjee..

        It was so embarrasing for both Pc and tanisha

        I recently watched kwk season 3 with anushka and this guy the way he spoke.. i think a 5 graded guy could hv done better…

        Well deepika is using him to make ranbir jealous but it doesn’t it matter him at all

  • Raaka LoveLiving

    Ranveer is a genuine guy…all hearts.
    If Deepika doesn’t give him the love and respect he deserves he will soon look at other options….Her loss for sure.

  • ayana

    Anushka has Virat now (and I doubt she’ll EVER give someone up like that). As for Deepika-Ranveer, I don’t know where this relationship will go. Ranveer is pretty flirty and accepts anyone and everyone. Deepika is flirty too, but I think deep down she really is looking for a long, fulfilling relationship.

  • darK G

    lol, all anushka fans here, trashing ranveer and deepika.. Ranveer hasn’t ever disrespected Anushka, wonder why u anushka fans are jealous of deepika n ranveer…everyone seems to be happy, anushka, deepika, ranveer!

  • guest

    Hardly believe it has anything 2 do with Ranveer but more of an insecurity for work her contemporaries r doing (considering she’s
    Very ambitious & Competitive) this miss is everywhere , not long ago it was reported that she almost collapsed. It’s only natural 2 fill pressure when one has a year like she has had previously. She really needs 2 take a chill pill.

  • guest two

    Of all the b’actresses, Deepika is the one that has a level
    head. Have you considered she genuinely
    wants to try her hand as assistant director so she’d be able to direct films in the future?
    Be in charge rather than be directed ?

    And what better way than to start in a project where she
    enjoys great rapport with Ranveer? She is frightfully very, very independent, ambitious, competitive. Her achievements speak for her. Deepika is all Miss Ambitious, Miss Achiever. Achieving gives one a sense of formidable self-confidence.

    • Taamra

      Right, really level headed and not at all insecure… which is why she aired her dirty
      laundry with Ranbir out in public, on koffee with Karan (and everywhere to be frank!) and then proceeded to rethink her stupid actions and do a film with him because she realised he’s the no 1 young actor in Bollywood right now. I just find that very pathetic, the way she cosied up to him during yjhd promos after bashing him so much. Both Anushka and Katrina are far more secure and cooler girlfriends than she will ever be, they never talk about their relationships or give too much details about their personal life which makes them a lot more dignified than Deepika

      • Santhi

        Well did you not also see how Ranbir was sucking up to Deepika then??? We should really pat Deepika for exposing Ranbir… Who thinks women are play girls…and don’t put Katrina name against Anushka and Deepika pls,, everyone knows how she used Salman to be in Bollywood..

  • Aboicha

    Deepika deserves much more better boyfriend than the TARZAN OF BOLLYWOOD – Ranveer Singh…….. Ranveer singh n Anushka sharma suits each other………. cuz Anushka Sharma looks like DONALD DUCK now……. hehe ….. Nevertheless, Deepika is the Queen of bollywood now….. so she deserves a more classy n mature bf like Ranbir Kapoor or some other else and not that immature, childish Ranveer……..

  • unknown

    lots of negitivity! if dp go temple its follow footsteps of someone. if she talk about emotions thats she miss someone! and now this!

  • unknown

    writer, pls stop taking anything as asumptions! dont imagine anything! three are happy in life so stop this. stop spreads negetivity about dp. but its ok. whatever! this not affect dp!

  • KaliMata

    deepika is a kali desperate slut..

    • Kanye

      U are a creepy person

  • Hmm

    Hahaha I like the name Miss despo it suits her
    a desperate EX and a desperate attention seeker.. yakhhhh

    • Kanye

      Shut up dumbass!

  • dee

    virat can keep anoushka,i will be happy to see Ranveer and Deepika together,by the way,Anoushka is too fukking skinny

  • Meenu

    I hope that ranveer won’t break her heart just like ranbir did