Is Deepika Padukone’s health taking a backseat due to work?

The leggy lass has been working really hard and that seems to have taken a toll on her health

We all know Deepika Padukone is one of the most professional actors in B-town. The babe has always kept her work at the top of her priority list more so after she parted ways with Ranbir Kapoor. But Ms Padukone should take it easy coz her health is suffering due to her hectic work schedule. We hear Dippy almost fainted after continuously working for 30 odd hours. The talented actor was running on a tight schedule last week after which she fell ill and now has been asked to rest for few days. While talking to a leading daily, a source said, “Last week Deepika worked for 30 hours straight. After shooting for Farah’s film for 16 odd hours, she rushed to a dance performance she had at an awards function.”

That’s not all! Before performing on the stage at the awards ceremony, the Cocktail babe even rehearsed with her team for one last time. “She was working till late on February (February 14) when she almost fainted. After resting for a bit, when she woke up, she had a high fever and was feeling extremely weak.” Reportedly, DP’s doctor has advised her complete bed rest for couple of days at least.

Since Deepika doesn’t want her work to get affected, the B-town beauty is in fact taking care of her health, we have learnt. Well, that’s a good thing but Ranveer Singh’s alleged ladylove should follow this funda always. After all, jaan hai toh jahan hai, agreed Bollywoodlifers?