Is Ekta Kapoor planning to make her acting debut?

We hear so many stories about celebs going from flab to fab before stepping into Bollywood. While we know that staying fit is a pre-requisite for actors, we wonder why Tusshar Kapoor’s sister finally decided to lose weight. Is an acting career her next step?

Besides her films and the daily soaps she made famous, Ekta Kapoor has always grabbed attention for two things – her not-so-cool dress sense and her size; she has never been as fit as her little brother Tusshar Kapoor. While the TV czarina received a lot of flak for both her weight and her sartorial sense, she never really cared about it and continued being herself. But that’s not the case any longer, or so it seems. We hear the Kapoor lady has lost oodles of weight and is looking fitter than ever. And proof positive comes from the recent cover shoot she did with the oh-so-sexy Priyanka Chopra and the debonair Karan Johar. We are glad that sanity has finally prevailed in this case, coz even when Ekta wore halfway decent clothes, her figure made her look oddly shaped. But now that Jeetendra’s beti has got rid of a lot of those extra pounds, we won’t have to see her popping out of her decolletage or looking like a sack of unaffordable veggies, hai na?

But we are curious why Ekta has made this sudden decision to go all health conscious. Maybe the successful producer has had health issues – touch wood, we hope it is not that. Or is shaadi on the cards for the quick-tempered producer? Perhaps – and we like this one – she is planning to become an actor, like her close buddy KJo? In that case, wethinks she should star in her own film, Milan Talkies. That way she won’t have to worry about actors walking out of her project every other week. And if she plays the lead, Ekta won’t have to pay a big fat cheque to a star and won’t have to deal with any of the nakhras that come along, right? And if the queen of Tellyland manages to establish herself as an actor, then she could carry forward her father’s legacy – the one that her lil bro hasn’t been able to live up to, no? Now that’s a win-win situation for everyone, wethinks!

PS: Ekta, now that you’re on a make-over spree do ditch your fav platform heels as well. Coz good body, great clothes and platforms would be as a big a disaster as your last film.