Is Elli Avram using Salman Khan to get work in the industry?

Is Elli Avram using Salman Khan to get work in the industry?

The Bhai of B-town is leaving no stones unturned to re-introduce Elli in Bollywood

Salman Khan seems to be going all out to get work for Elli Avram in Bollywood. Apparently, the Jai Ho actor even ‘helped’ or should we say bought Elli a house in Bandra recently. What’s more, Elli’s new flat is right next door to Salman’s building. But didn’t we see all this coming? Right from the premiere night of recently concluded Bigg Boss 7 which the Dabangg Khan hosted on the weekends, we all could sense that Sallu miyaan is love-struck, hai na?

We have heard that Salman was trying to get Elli the leading lady’s part in Boney Kapoor’s No Entry sequel titled No Entry Mein Entry, but apparently Boney wasn’t convinced with Salman’s choice. However, that shouldn’t worry the Mickey Virus hottie as we are pretty sure that Sallu bhai will manage to re-introduce her in Bollywood in a big budget film.

Elli is bound to become the new Katrina Kaif in Salman’s life and that was understood when Salman on multiple occasions compared the Swedish-Greek beauty with Katrina. All we have to do, sit back and wait a little more. Wink!

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  • Aleesha Chapoor

    I don’t think she’s using salman, but I do think she has the talent to make it big in bollywood, many have said she’s not like Katrina, elli is much better! ;) but I guess time will tell if she’s using him,hope not!.

    • Najid Ullah Khan

      I do agree with you Aleesha….I will definitely say one thing that if Sallu bhai is ready for marriage I think this the best option ever…she is very cute
      This is an advice of Khan to khan…wish you all the very best both of you specially Ellie….looks pretty always…

  • Thakkar

    our 48 year old virgin Salman who is very sanskari like alok nath will do bhajan , kirtan and aarti with Elli Avram

  • Mehak Rain

    Don’t know…I think he was just nice to her in Bigg boss.. super host