Is Emraan Hashmi trying to outdo Vidya Balan with ‘The Dirty Picture’ promotions?

Doing the rounds of the Parliament, almost creating a stampede at Metro station; Emraan resorts to hard-selling as a tool to promote his next flick

Emraan Hashmi is leaving no stone unturned to spread the word about his next film The Dirty Picture. Even if he lands in major trouble because of it. The serial kisser of B-town was all set to board a Metro train at New Delhi for promoting his film, when the crowd went berserk and threw a monkey wrench in his plans. Police officials say that the makers of the film didn’t bother to inform them about the plans and hence they couldn’t make proper security arrangements, because of which Mr Hashmi had to take the exit route at the station. Now Emraan’s promotional activities don’t stop here. The Dirty Picture actor also left his footsteps at the Parliament recently and distributed audio CDs of the movie to a couple of ministers. Apparently, when Lalu Prasad Yadav (the Rashtriya Janata Dal president) was asked if he received a CD, the minister snapped at the media saying that he was unaware of any such activity. He added that keeping in mind the title of the film, such kind of movies should not be promoted but eventually it is up to the Speaker of the Lok Sabha to allow such ventures inside the Parliament. Well Mr Hashmi, we are just wondering, why go to all this trouble? Are you trying to make people remember that Vidya Balan is not the only actor in The Dirty Picture? She takes a tram ride in Kolkata and you go on a train ride! So all those rumours about you being upset with Vidya for being the centre of publicity campaigns are true? Don’t worry Emraan, no way will we forget you!