Is Emraan Hashmi unhappy with Akshay Kumar playing his character in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again?

Is Emraan Hashmi unhappy with Akshay Kumar playing his character in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again?
Yogen Shah

Akki has replaced Emraan in the sequel to the 2010 hit film. Hashmi doesn’t want to talk much about the movie since its very close to his heart. Now, can you read between the lines?

Milan Luthria’s 2010 movie, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai proved to be a game changer for Emraan Hashmi. The 34-year old actor got noticed for his mature performance and the film transformed him from being a kissie boy of B-town to a potential acting force. No wonder then that Emraan is not particularly elated about Akshay Kumar playing his character Shoaib in the sequel, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again. “I am not against anything. The film (Once Upon..) did very well and it changed my career. I think they took a very valid call. They wanted to take the character to someone slightly older,” said Emraan in an interview to a daily.

After embodying the powerful character of Shoaib, isn’t it unfortunate that Emraan will not be seen in the sequel? In fact, it’s quite disheartening. “For me, somewhere, I could never imagine someone else playing my character. And I would be highly critical of that, the way I am with my films,” added Emraan.

We at BollywoodLife can understand where Hashmi comes from. Honestly speaking, he looked very intense and real in the first part. Akshay’s portrayal of Shoaib on the other hand looks very flashy. Now you tell us folks – will the flamboyant Akki do justice to the role?

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  • Ritu

    I do not think Akki will give the same intense devious attitude of Emmran .Akki will be great with the stunts but that’s about all. Anyway let’s wait and see, The trailers are not that impressive either.

  • SalMan’s Lover

    Sure ; Akshay Will do Justice because we’ve seen lots of movies like S26, OMG, Sangharsh, Waqt, NL, HP,IK etc . That movies had always done very good Job in past and Gave expected results . So I think he is Versatile Actor as his last performance Special26 was Mindblowing !

  • suraj

    The intensity in emraans eyes cannot be matched by any actor in the industry.They have choosen akki only to garner higher collections.

  • anonymous

    paid how much ?

  • Parminder Singh

    Actually whenever a film of Akshay kumar is on the verge of releasing, these types of anti Akshay articles are always published by the publishers to show their malice against Super star Akshay kumar.Akshay excels in every gener of films.But I wonder why the article writers and some unscrouplous people always want to mislead people with their cheaper articles.

    • abid

      Well said bro!

    • ahsan

      if he is a superstar then why joker was a disaster

      • Sid

        Because mangal pandey, boom, veer, kabhi alvida na kehna were disasters too..

    • gayani

      you are correct. compared to akki emraan is still learning. akki can do way better than emraan.

  • arfan

    if Akshay is a superstar then why joker was a desaster

    • Sagar

      Hi you r joker, akki is most and talented actor is one in bollywood
      yes, he is joker, actor, stuner,megastar,stuntman,blackbarry,comedian,actionstar, superstar,
      all character are also good, and hi is a superstar in bollywood better than khans you know that, akki is my super hero and his her roles is very good, akki best actor and no 1 king of bollywood……………..

  • Kumar3798

    Writer seems to be Childish nd Inmature.Guys Lemme make it clear that The Role which Emmy Played in Ouatim was a Bubbly cum Young Lad who wanted to Achieve Big .But OuatimA is the story fr where Shoaib has Already become D Dreaded Don.Its Requires Much Mature Acting With Attitude Driven Menacing Look which Perfectly Suits Akki and is Perfect for A Verstalile Actor like Akki.It was Never possible for Emmy to play Such Mature Role.Akshay is Perfect and is garnering Xtraordinary Response frm All Round the Corner.

  • aakash

    this movie is blockbuster of
    2013 akki you are the real king
    of bollywood

  • maddy

    Emraan is bacha…n still has to go miles n miles to even start comparing him with the versatile superstar akshay kumar…..everyone has seen akshay`s graph from noone to a star…superstar…megastar and one of the most versatile actors in bollywood…he works very hard now also,,,,.that noone can match him…whether a youngster or people frm his time….dedicating so much in work n giving different and different roles in a mnths time…or 4-5 films an year …even amitabh ..the shehenshah is not capable….Akshay has done so much for this entertainment business by risking his life for actions…mastering comedy….thrilling people in thriller roles…as hardcore villian….as a dramatic actor….in romantic roles….that no one can match him….coz there is only one AKSHAY KUMAR and young actors should try to better him…than comparing with him….he is already a legend in bollywood…THE Khiladi of Bollywood…the whole Game…

    • Ram

      sala akshay ……. kitna bhi koshish karle lekin sohib jaisa nahi banskta akshay ko sirf comedy nd stunts roles suit karte .. aur trailer bakwas hai imran khan tho sabse bada bakwas actor hai … akshay ko cast kiya chalo average hit hogi …… lekin jab imran khan iss movie mein tho movie flop hogi hi ….. damm sure, aur dono actors bakwas hai aur movie suit nahi karti . akshay kumar aur imran khan chootiye hai …….chall hut bakwas

  • Deep A.D.Y.

    Emraan and Akshay- there is huge difference between their acting. Akshay is one of the most experinced actor of B’town, specially for his comedy roles and action stunts. But in case of serious role Emmy is better than Akky. Just look the poster of OUTIMA, Akky’s expressions as a don is comedy itself.

  • Deep

    Akshay is very good in comedy and action stunts. But in case of serious role, I think Emraan is better. He did very well in OUATIM. Guyz just see the posters of OUATIMA, Akki’s expression as a don is comedy itself.

  • Anand

    What the fuck don’t compare whole body to one leg akki is a god of bollywood

  • rohit

    I don’t think akkhi can match the intense of imran,,it was so natural in OUATM.i like akhshay also but in comedy only.his ability to choose good film is limited from the fact that after good film like rowdy rathore and OMG he choose joker and Khiladi 786 which is very bad he is a superstar he should do selective good film only,,,,,

  • rahul

    akshay kumar is the king of bollywood.

    • Sagar

      Yes, Akshay is king of bollywood,
      akshay stunt in better than other acter is goodone, akshay is comedain, stunt,all of acting is very good, and mostly Akshay is better than emraan such as akshay better of khans
      akshays stunt and his films is very nicely and enjoyly for her people
      akshay mostly talent goodone momorable actor handsome in no 1 in bollywood actor…..

  • Divesh

    This website always post this kind of articles against Akki………….Ths guys r nuts……they are comparing legend of bollywood Akshay Kumar.the most versatile actor bollywood has ever had to Emraan Hashmi who dun know nething abt acting…..:(
    Surprise…..If you are running a bollywood website u shud not be biased ………ths website always post ths kinda articles against Akki….because he is d only Guy who is givine tough competetion to Khans urf kat….as…..


    yes, its true that IMRAAN is a good actor and his performance in such offbeat roles is appreciable, but this doesn’t take anything away from MR. AKSHAY as he has come far ahead from proving himself. hope for the best and also hope to get a good and interesting movie installed ahead for all the movie goers.