Is Gauhar Khan the new wild card entry on Khatron Ke Khiladi?

Fri, May 9, 2014 7:02pm IST by
Is Gauhar Khan the new wild card entry on Khatron Ke Khiladi?

With Ajaz Khan’s exit from the show, do the makers of KKK5 want to cash on Gauhar’s popularity yet again?

Gauhar Khan who was eliminated from the Colors reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 5: Khatron Ka Blockbuster has apparently returned to the show, or at least it seems like that from the promos that aired this week.

The Ishaqzaade actor was eliminated from the show as she was unable to perform well in her pre-elimination task due to which she had to perform the final elimination task. Though she performed well, her competitor Geeta Tandon was a tad better than her. However, Rohit Shetty the host introduced a new twist which led to both the participants Gauhar and Geeta exiting the show.

However, from the promos that are being shown, we believe Kushal Tandon’s lady love is returning back to KKK5 as a wild card entry. Also, with Ajaz’z exit last week, this seems to be the right time for Gauhar to make her entry back in the show, considering their famous past in Big Boss Season 7. We wonder how the other contestants would react to Ms Khan being given a second chance. What say folks, are you excited to see Gauhar back in the show?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • a

    No.This is an unfair decision.Why only Gauhar & not other elimated contestants

    • Ja

      I liked the way ak hosted the show,,, this more like a masala movie…didn’t like rohit shetti…

  • Ruby

    No, but looks like even kkk needs drama. Shouting, yelling, over acting. If all this works then why not?

  • zaf

    hey I might watch it again! love and respect to gau!

  • Rhea

    I love Gauahar… Excited to see her back on kkk5! The show is nothing without her and needs her back…most people watch only for Gau!!



      • GK EMAN

        Same here I am a mad fan of gauhar khan,may god bless her

    • GK EMAN

      U r absolutely r8 rhea most of the people watch kkk because of gauhar n whoever hates gauhar they r shit we all love gauhar khan n we all fans of gauhar khan will always love her.lots of love to her

  • nick

    no way………why she is coming is unfair to those contestant who have reached here passing very tough stunt of last two week.

  • JK

    God knows wat stunt she does? Rohit Shetty was very much clear about fair n unfair. Now wat happened? He likes Guashal does not mean that he brings her back.. Geeta was doing a very good stunt than this idiot overacting lady… Gauhar is only for show off..Good for nothing else…

  • Jatin

    Ish ka nautanki yahan vi suru,,, now I feel she is like a plastic

  • Sanjay

    This is not bigg boss, ,,,, what’s wrong wt colors

  • lfhu

    It’s not fair Gauhar bapas nahi aasakti to Daya ko bhi bapas lao,All Eliminator ko wapas lao.

  • Prema

    Well…….. Its a shame Gauhar….. U know that u r unfit for KKK. But yes…..for natak n nakras u r famous…… Entertain us with that.

  • S Khan

    Now this all looks set up to me. When Akshay Kumar did it. It looked fair and good. With Rohit shetty it looks set up.

  • danger

    gauhar u rock the showwwwwwwwwwww we love uu gauharrrr

  • whocares

    For people who say that KKK is watched because of ‘Gau’ – ha! How brainless

  • Abhi

    Gauhar khan suck she cant do anything she can only scream
    The reason i hate her is she has come back on kkk also in the past on big boss
    On no basis
    Thats unfair of colors
    You suck

  • Ajaz khan

    I hate gauhar join back the show after ajaz leave the show this is unfair kkk is being unfair to deena because of gauhar she’s eliminated

  • abc

    unfair, she was weakest of all…in most of the stunts, she said…I want to quit…n whatever she did, she did with so much drama…..extreme partiality on color’s part….. n what is Rohit Shetty doing….Akshay Kumar was fair and rock solid true to game…

  • barkha

    Instead of gauhar they would hav bring back pooja kaur

  • L7

    Remember when ejaz got into a fight with kd on his very first day and rohit shouted at him and said…”yahan pe yeh sab nahi chlega, yeh us type ka show nahi hai”. Well someone should tell rohit that after this nonsense..yeh usi type ka show lag raha hai. What utter bulshit…colors tv have real guts to bring gauhar back just lik dat. If indian reality shows copy everything from American reality shows then maybe they should make an effort to copy the rules too. wild card entries and re entry of eliminated contestants is so unfair and unreasonable. Everyone should just stop watching…only then will they understand that the audience is not stupid…nd wont take everything thrown at our faces

  • Harish

    Oh my godddddddd how can they bring back that gauhar…very unfair she doesn’t even deserve it

  • D

    That’s really unfair to bring Gauhar back. She isn’t exceptional in any stunt. Geeta and even Deana…not forgetting Pooja Gor were far better than her. But lo! Anything can be done for TRPs. A good and sensible soap..for once i.e NBTNMKK can be forced to stop. Cheers, Colors!! Great going!!

  • b

    why gaur comes dn’t knw……….geeta shld also come…….rohit sir this is nt done….

  • da

    ya akshay sir was fair………if gaur hv come back dan geeta shld also come……..dn’t knw why this happn………

  • ether01

    Gauhar is back because she slept with Rohit Shetty and other management team members. That’s how she won Bigg Boss. Gauhar’s belongs to a whore family. It’s a fact where her sister admitted on the TV show that she slept around for money and fame. That’s what Gauhar is good at. Sleeping around with men to get what she wants. There were tons of other contestants much better than Gauhar. Gauhar’s mom was smiling while her sister admitted sleeping around with random men. Gauhar, you have a loud mouth but you’ll never have something called “Class” , you’re nothing but a shameless piece of dirt