Is Gauri Bhonsle really missing?

Is Gauri Bhonsle really missing?

In an attempt to promote its upcoming show Kehti Hai Tumse Kuch Khamoshiyaan, Star Plus chose a campaign that left many confused

You might find a certain Gauri Bhonsle peeping out from the posters stuck on city walls, on the railway station notice board or at a bus depot. She has been reported missing. Such an issue is generally taken very seriously, except this time. Something was amiss.

People who looked at the posters that declared ‘Gauri Bhonsle missing’ took a moment off to find out who’s actually asking for help. And if that weren’t enough, Ms Gauri even made appearances on Facebook, on news channels, on her blog and even in the dailies. After reading about the messages posted everywhere that said, ‘The NRI woman from London, Gauri Bhonsle (21) who reportedly went missing on October 15 on her way to Old Delhi Railway station to board a train to Malda, West Bengal, was rescued by the Saharanpur police from Talhari Biurg village on Tuesday. Police said she was rescued from a house, based on a tip-off’, a few people came forward to help, genuinely. One young lady who had run away with her boyfriend even insisted that she was the Gauri Bhonsle everyone was looking for!

But do you know that no real Gauri Bhonsle exists? She is just a character in the script of TV show Kehti Hai Tumse Kuch Khamoshiyaan. Gauri is all set make an appearance on Star Plus at 7.30pm on November 12.

So where exactly is this heading? We agree that Star Plus wanted to promote their upcoming show a tad differently. But does that give them the liberty to play with an alert citizen’s sentiments? People who feature in the missing report usually have families who are emotionally drained and desperate to find the whereabouts of their loved ones. And a spoof in such a serious territory doesn’t really set a good example, does it? What do you think, readers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • zee

    Well obviously you are blind and so are the readers who agree with your ridiculous article. It’s clearly written on the promo for the show that it is just an advert. It’s not the shows fault that there are idiots out there. Poor article with a poor argument

    • sammi

      u r idiot like starplus

    • charlie

      i agree with you zee , lol , common sense that if it was really a news it wouldnt of come on star plus , its not playing with any emotions its the peoples fault that they actually took it way to seriously , THINK it would of not come on star plus if it was a missing case lol only promos come on there :P ,

      • saya

        I AGREE WID DIS STAtement

        • amar giri

          The promotion of the serial is totally rubbish.its a fake way to make promotion and its all done for trp

          • juhi

            The production house is playing with people feeling this serial must be banned



    • mable

      ur right,it is disguasting what tv channel is doing,tv channel owe a big apology to the viewers if that is the case

  • Rishikesh

    This is ridiculous. Star Plus have gone a bit too far. They shouldn’t play with the emotions of citizens.

  • Munna

    This is really bad. These TV shows we have to boycott his type of shows. They only want Advertising there show any emotions feelings.

  • subodh chawla

    star plus has no right to play with the sentiments and emotional feelings of the audience and this was a bad joke

  • baby

    this is too much..
    if its true star plus publish there serial in that way..then
    this is not a right way to publish there serial..

    this chennal is playing with emotions of citizen…

  • zee

    How can you blame star plus when it is clearly written that it is an advert, a promo

    • manali shirke

      fir newspapers main aur news channels pe itna issue karne ki kya jarurat thhi

    • Madan Bhandari

      are niche chote chote me likha huwa kaun dekhta h

  • vikram

    really this is disgusting. this group who are playing with people will go to hell. they might be impotent, son of swine.

  • preethI


  • anil

    Star plus is making the indian emotional citizen fool with their bluddy serials. and now again the promo of gauri bhosle this is purely disgusting. actually we as an indian s’d file a suit against start plus for sch missguideance and playing with our emotions and sentiments. we should bann the star plus.

  • Sanket

    I first saw these posters in Pune, later in Mumbai local. What surprised me first was amount of money they spent in setting up all the posters (posters in mumbai local were not simple paper glued to the wall, but big new silver frames set up for putting the posters). I’d feeling that she must be daughter of some wealthy person and issue looks quite serious. What annoyed me that time was why only ABP news and star plus is promoting this case of missing person.

    I was really pissed off when I came to know about the CHEAP publicity stunt used for promotion of their upcoming tv show. I take reports of missing person displayed everywhere quite seriously and so do most of the people. People will start to ignore missing person ads if they are used for fake publicity. Someone must take legal action about about this. I’ll never watch this show and make sure none of friends or relative will watch it.

  • Rekha rajvanshi

    koi gauri bhosle missing nhi hai, actually ye new serial monday 12nov 12 ko 7.30pm se start ho rha he. promotion ka ye idea bhot hi achcha laga mujhe. good
    sabhi ko janna he ki gauri kon he,q ye sb hua uske sath, ye serial 1st day hi hit ho jayega. puri india dekhegi.

  • Rekha rajvanshi

    I knw dis is wrong,publicity koi krta he kya esa? wohi to keh rhi hu k sara india dekhega. is galat publicity k liye hmare indian sarkar ko koi leagal action to jarur lena chahiye

  • sapna

    you idiot how can u play with emotion

  • manali shirke

    what the hell. nobody have such right to play with people emotions. publicity ke liye itna niche koi kaise gir sakta hai. a serious action should be taken by law against this serial director and star plus.

  • sanchit

    Cheap publicity of cheap serial by cheap tv channel

  • vinay kumar

    This is truly a disastrous and stupid promotion of a serial. For a second I was very tensed and started searching for the details about this missing case. But was only surprised to know that it was a promotion for some stupid serial. I really felt like an idiot and there must be some action taken for playing with the feelings of the people.

  • Anushka

    Just one wordJust one word-idiotzzzzzz!

  • rani

    very bad publicity stunt how can u people play with the our all emotion.cheapest promotion really

  • Madan Bhandari

    Very cheap promotion method they are plying with emotions of many people

  • Tarun

    Cheap publicity stunt for a cheap serial.

  • Tyagi

    Legal action must be taken against producers and team.

  • Raj

    Serial should be banned.

  • Sidharth

    I don’t give a damn who gauri is…. This is the worst publicity stunt I have ever seen in my entire life.

  • anand

    Such a clumsy people ….. Plz…. Don’t creat such stupid scenes… IDIOTS…..

  • Aaditya

    its really disgusting..

    one should not play with one’s emotions..

    This serial should banned..

    very disgusting thinking of produces and teams..

    Tooooo cheap..

    • abhi

      idiots he sab ke sab they are playing with our emotion

  • kim sora

    they should not confuse people in this way !!! its not gud.. dats not the way of promoting..

  • aakanksha

    Truely, wt star plus has done is nt ryt, it should actually be punished by court, someone should actually appeal, they are playing with the audience sentiments, n they hv no ryt to do this.
    V all r nt mad, who were listening to dis news,, witch ws actually a public stunt!
    And so v all should not watch THE SHOW WHICH WOULD BE AIRING TODAY ON STAR PLUS
    Support campaign against this nuisance by not watching the show! Dnt gv thm any TRPs.

  • The Angry Blonde

    This is a cheap, s*itty viral campaigning….all the serials are crap anyways so I wouldn’t bother watching it!

  • Rutuja

    Bor, bogas,mad, circit,

  • Chetana

    This is not the right way for promotions and publicity!!!! They were just playing with alert citizens emotions.In future if at all any such incidents take place people would get confused and definitely think twice before reacting.

  • suresh

    veryyyyyyyyyyyyy cheaapppppppp…..this is not the correct way of promotion…..very bad starting….

  • shivaya

    such a mad way of promotns… cheap
    senceless peoples….

  • vicky

    Gauri Bhonsle nahi tare name gauri Bhosdi hona cahi ahe

  • zaara

    So sad….. one side we find some of d best program on star plus
    I personally trusted star plus,..but from now i just hate this..
    We prayed 4 her good, but that all was playing with our emotions

  • ananya

    this is so disappointing…first star is telecasting awesome shows like satyamev and now for a moment i thought gauri realli exist..but alas it was realli nt done…FAKE

  • siddhu

    Very cheap way of prmoting the show …….what a rubbish star plus has done also abp news rubbishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………

  • sabitha

    if see that news reader i will slap him

  • shaina

    oh my god these people are so mindless
    this is absolutely no way of promoting such shows by creating such hoaxes
    i agree with you on the point tht its very wrong on them for playing with the sentiments of an alert citizen…..
    and these kind of acts may actually take away the revelant for any more of real missing news reports…..

  • Sush

    Gouri bhosle’s news..very wrong way to do a promos of tv crossing there limit,really very idiotic

  • mandeep choudhary

    dost mare samne hota to teri gand mar leta. bhan k lode koi or kam nahi mila star plus, abp news band karo band karo i don,t believe on that after today

    • sandy

      right dear

  • mandeep choudhary

    helo my true indians happy diwali. abp news and star plus are playing with our emotion. so see aaj tak

  • ayaz

    behen ke lode promoter teri maa behen ko bech ke kha per aisa kaam mat kar

  • Anonymous

    Request the Government to BAN Channels Like STAR PLUS.., who play with people minds…. Channel good for nothing….

    • zak

      ok now nt banding u no…wt about theothers who work for a show on star plus.. they ill loose employent if the channel is shut..if stur plus gets banned then it will affect alot of others aswell. i nothe way they promoted this show was utterly wrong but this wont be a solution to the problem will i?

      • Sukriti bhatt

        no, i agree with you but those who were involved in this whole promoting scene should be strictly punished.

    • amey

      अरे यार हे ‘लांडगा आला रे आला ‘ सारखाच व्हायचं

    • anatia

      well you are right banned this show but not channel star plus otherwise i will not be able to see ipkknd ,hope you get …but is it really real or is it fake can you reply me very fast …..and pls do take some action about this new drama i dont know if this is drama or real …but dont banned starplus thankyou !

      • Sukriti bhatt

        its a serial only. i wish i cud do smthng abt it. bt its nt in my hand, if this is published only den thres a hope to get sme relief frm it.

        • Sukriti bhatt

          It al hpnd in d past i guess, they used the same material m not sure abt it bt shwing this prmting way is certainly a punishable act. its A crime.

  • Sukriti bhatt

    I really hated the way they promoted their show though few peoples ignored it bt their were many poples who took it seriously yeah ican say that i am one of them at first i thought it was a joke but then watching it on every channel made me believed that i was real. i really hop govt wll take a strict action against such shows and proucers who chooses such type of promotion ideas. this shwshould be banned. and advice fr you promoters dnt u try to bribe anyone from your strong connection, because we r not ur actors or toy wid whom u can play wid anytym anywhere. v r mango people struggling to live in this small world v’hve got our own prblems to solve den finding this bloody gouri bhonsle. hel with it.. n may be from now on no ones gonna believe if the person wll b seriously missing. this is a big issue guys lets do something about it.

    • rahul

      ya i agree with u because everyone was keen to know where that girl lost and was praying for her and if those people who are doing it for only promotion must be punished hardly

      • Sukriti bhatt


    • kalpita

      I agree with u 2

  • nisha

    very bad to promote this show like this government should ban this type of show very bad.

  • Aas

    Its a bd serial, gud job star plus 4 earn money. . . . .

  • Swapnil

    Premotion ke liye dil me itni galiya pal rahi bas 1 chance de de meri jan to bas dekhle aur sun le

  • Appa saheb

    Halkat hai sab ke sab abp news koi nahi dekhta to isliye films/tv me use karke hamare jaise netaonka naam badnam karteho mai sab log jo ees scandle me shamil hai un sab ko dher saali gaaliya aur bdooaye.

  • ganisha

    This is not at all done! This way people won’t ever pay heed to such posters again, even if they are true. This deed can fairly be compared to fake,unreasoned calls made by some rascal men to police/ambulance/fire brigade…


    It’s all not right .I think that the way of promoting serial is not right.It effet badly on some people.some became I saidtostar plus,”Dont use this way promoting another serial”

  • saurabh

    These people are playing with the emotions of decent people.They must be severely punished

  • vidhi chadha

    this is so shocking that star plus used this way of promoting their serial….we all were a bit concerned about the missing person, therefore, i think they have played with people’s sentiments and i dont think this way they will be able to grab a good TRP after release…..

  • Mohil Patel

    This is really bad. There are various crime shows shown on television, which are like crime patrol and Shavdhaan India@11 based on true stories. This would make the audience think that even these shows could be made up when they are actually based on real life and the purpose is to alert the people living in the society of that that are likely to occur. This sort of promotion on ABP News is really “unprofessional” and they should never have supported this. I believe that the director of the show and ABP News should come and apologise to the audience for this sort of act. I started to watch this show because; it came on ABP News like a big thing. But who knew and was aware of this sort of publicity?

  • Swati

    Bad idea by stra plus